NYRA good to meet you…
Nice to meet you.

1. You are a UK DJ – where about’s in the UK are you from?

I’m from Sheffield in the north of england.

2. How would you describe your DJ sound and style? How are you different from your contemporaries?

I don’t like to categorise  myself to one style, I play a variety of electronic music, weather it be house, techno even disco, this gives me the ability to adopt to different  environments.


3. How many years’ experience would you say you have of DJing and producing?

I have roughly 16 years experience in music, I can remember buying my first direct drive turntables with some money my uncle left me, and setting them up on a rickety table in my bedroom and teaching myself to mix .


4. You have produced for numerous labels tell me about some of the most prominent ones.

I would have to say my release on a uk label Secretsundaze, thats one and a vinyl only berlin label called freund der familie.


5. What are your best known tracks or the tracks your most proud of producing?

I’m most proud of the tracks I released on the labels above, the secretsundaze release to be more specific, I have always followed them and loved what they do.


6. I understand that you have recently come back to music after taking some time out to do other things. Can you tell us about this?

Yeah in  around 2009 I went all over the globe with Darius playing, I think we did about 50 flights that year. then we did our solo thing towards the end and i took quite a few years out and became a professional cyclist, I always new i would get back in to music, it never really left me, I just needed to get cycling out of my system, whilst coming to the end of my cycling career, I had a lengthy chat with darius one day,  and he said why don’t you come back and here i am now.


7. Was it Darius Syrossian that gave you the impetus to return to DJing?

It was always in the back of my mind, but if I returned it would have to be the right time and I would have to be in the right frame of mind, when I do something it has to be 100% or its not worth doing, so I had to be sure about the comeback. which I now am. It was the lengthy chat with Mr Syrossian that sparked the flame again.


8. You have returned to play for Do Not Sleep in Ibiza. Tell me about the brand and how it has done on the island this year?

I’m excited to play with Darius on the sunset terrace at space this Sunday, its been a fantastic season for Do Not Sleep and the touring schedule that kicks in after the season has some really exciting shows including a massive event on the DOK at ADE, Canal Mills in Leeds and a US Tour around December.


9. What tracks can people expect to hear from you when they come to see you play at Do Not Sleep?

You can expect a wide range of music, we cant go in to specifics, its a suprize 🙂

10. What are your thoughts on Space closing forever?

I’m really sad that space is closing its been such a staple part of Ibiza and the the Ibizan clubbing culture, when you think of ibiza you automatically think of space and for it not be there any more will be sad. I have been very fortunate to play there on a number of occasions tho and the memories will last forever, not only as a DJ but as clubber.


Do Not Sleep Final Dates Ibiza 2016


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