Diego Broggio

Ibiza 2012 Special

What is your ever favourite memory of Ibiza?

“I’m have been going to Ibiza for such a long time, so I have many, many memories. Certainly the first Mattinè in disco at glory, with one of my first loves at the sunset in Cala Conta.”

Favourite resident DJ on the island?


Why is Ibiza still the best party location in the world?

“There are so many reasons. But what drives the island is it is a real industry at night time now.”

Ibiza is now split straight down the middle with serious DJs spinning quality house and techno on one side, and DJs playing the big room bangers on the other. Discuss…

“As I just mentioned, the island is an industry now and so inevitably the music has to turn commercial with the success of DJs such as David Guetta…”

What new party caused the biggest splash in their debut summer this year? And why?

“Maybe not just one new party for me, but I would say Ushuaia and their collection of parties they have put on all summer.”

Favourite restaurant and beach in Ibiza?

“There are so many incredible beaches and restaurants in Ibiza, I would have to write a book to list them all!”

Do you think the 123 Rocktronic Festival that featured the likes of Lenny Kravitz, Elton John, Sting, David Guetta and Tiesto this year is an important addition to the Ibiza summer, or do you think it is a case of one too many party on an already bulging season?

“Surely a festival will have contributed to even more musical depth in Ibiza?”

What is the one record that will always remind you of Ibiza…?

“DB Boulevard.”

What is your favourite place in Ibiza and why?

“I love a place in Santa Getrudis called Restaurant Costa.”

A lot of money has been spent on the island in recent years improving things, what do you think is the biggest improvement on the island?

“They have certainly spent a lot of money on the network of roads.”

What nationality are the craziest people on the dancefloor?

“The people of England…”

Breakthrough artist of 2012?

“For the commercial sound – Steve Angello.”

If you had to pick one person to go out clubbing with in Ibiza, who would it be?

“Kate Moss…”


Courtesy of Ego http://www.egomusic.net