The 2012 DMC World Champion!

Congraqtulations on a fabulous winning performance, we loved the champagne moment at the end of your set! Why do you believe you deserved to win this prestigious DMC title?

“All the DJs at the final stage are great, their technical skills are very high and almost all at the same level. I think it is very important to have full communication with the audience. The composition can communicate well or not. In 2011, after I was 2nd, I got many chances to perform in Japan understanding more and more how to communicate and show my ideas. It enabled me to increase my skills and ideas to the maximum!”

Did you think you had won after seeing all of the contenders?

“No. I was not sure until the result was announcement. In the past I have seen many Japanese DJs lose, all of them just one step away from the title.”

Who were you scared of?

“Precision, Ritchie Ruftone, Skills and Fong Fong. Especially Precision! I have to say though that the Japanese in the house really enjoyed Fong Fong’s set.”

How did you celebrate?

“I drank – but not enough!”

Is there too much or not enough digital tools allowed in the DMC DJ Championships?

“Personally I think there is a good balance.”

Out of all the scratch techniques you’ve mastered which technique did you find the most difficult to learn?

“Beat juggling. I spend most of my time practicing this – it is the proudest skill to have. I am trying to get to the next level of beat juggling now.”

Now that you’ve gained your DMC world title what’s planned next?

“DJing all over the world…and the moon!”

Where else in the world would you like DMC to host the 2013 DJ Championships?

“France, USA and hopefully Japan.”

What makes you different from every other Turntablist on the planet?

“Showmanship. I play to the audience. When I practise I am always thinking about this.”

What’s currently playing a lot on your music system at home/in the studio?

“Hip Hop, R&B, Dubstep…for example: Slaughterhouse, Knife Party and Araab Muzik.”

Next year is DMC 30th Anniversary –  who would you like to see and perform alongside with on the big stage?

“CRAZE! – also I would love to perform!!!”

Do you play in a club and do believe your credibility will be compromised if you went commercial?

“No I don’t. It depends on the party how I play. Sometimes I play music which I don’t like knowing that the audience will love it. The sad fact is, if I don’t play commercial enough, I don’t get booked.”

Do you still buy music on Vinyl?

“Sometimes I do, if there are good second hand shops around.”

Who is the best ever DMC World Champion?

“Craze and Kentaro.”