Ibiza 2012 Special

Tune of the summer?

“Tom Staar’s remix of ‘African Drop’.”

Most overplayed record of the summer?

“I heard everybody playing the track from Nari and Milani, which is good but maybe overplayed!”

Why is Ibiza still the best party location in the world?

“I do not think it is. It’s expensive and there’s lot of Italian chavness! The amount of good looking girls though could compensate…”

Ibiza is now split straight down the middle with serious DJs spinning quality house and techno on one side, and DJs playing the big room bangers on the other. Discuss…

“In general yes, it’s sad Ibiza has no variety and space for different sounds…”

So what don’t you like about the island musically in general?

“There are so many flyers of the same parties again and again over the years, with the same DJs all of the time changing their brand names. However, that’s what people comes to Ibiza for in truth.”

Favourite restaurant and beach in Ibiza?

“There’s a lovely little place you can reach by walking beyond la Playa de Talamanca and is located on the rocks. It only has around 10 tables and has the best views out to sea.”

Think you are talking about Fish Shack there dude. So, what is the one record that will always remind you of Ibiza…?

“Cajmere’s ‘Say You Will’ – we played this as the last tune at Pacha’s closing Club77 party.”

Best venue in Ibiza and why?

“Space ‘cos it has a little more variety and is a bit more ‘alternative’ then other clubs.”

What nationality are the craziest people on the dance floor?


Breakthrough artist of 2012?

“Let’s wait for 2012 to finish!”

If you had to pick one person to go out clubbing with in Ibiza, who would it be?

“The RESET! crew is the ultimate party crew to party with. So I’d bring the whole of my extended crew…DJs, promoters, girlfriends, all the different people working with us….”

And finally, tell us about your first trip to the white isle…

“As we didn’t know much about the island, we got ripped off for pretty much everything we did! Had a great time playing at Pacha and Eden though…everything was new and funny and we appreciated the naive way to live the experience!”