Hi DJ Katch, a big welcome from DMCWORLD! Where in the world are you right now?

I’m in Zurich Switzerland for my tonights gig, just came back from Hongkong, I’m a bit jet lagged but I can’t complain 2017 has been great so far. Lots of gigs, amazing studio sessions, and new songs in the making. 

What was the last song you went crazy for? 

I dig a lot of different kind of music, from Hip-Hop to Rock, but I must say that The Weeknd & Daft Punk record really got me. Has a MJ & Quincy Jones feel to me. 

You’ve played in over 30 countries from New York to London, Berlin to Ibiza, and Shanghai to Miami. Who throws the best parties?  

I can not point out one city or country as the best, they all unique and in a way different what makes it super exciting. But I must say that Japan really was special, the people really know music and let the DJ take them on a journey. 

Your club anthem ‘The Horns’ went platinum, while your new single, ‘Lights Out (Too Drunk)’ has already picked up 18 million plays on Spotify. How are you finding the success? 

It’s still stunning to see that people enjoy listening to what I come up in the studio, to have that kinda feedback is the biggest motivation. It all started with me doing my own tracks for my DJ sets to have something exclusive to play, so it’s way beyond what I ever expected. 

‘Lights Out’ features the vocal talents of Manchester vocalist Hayley. How did you guys come to write the track? What was the process like? 

We met through my mate Sam Gray, super talented songwriter as well from Manchester, with whom I worked on several records before. We started exchanging ideas, sent song drafts, and first time I heard Hayley’s voice on that beat of mine I knew this is it.

The song reflects what for many clubbers is an honest reality!  Can fans expect to hear more vocal jams like ‘Lights Out’ in the future?

I guess many can relate! I wanted to do something outstanding, not just another record with club related lyrics about poppin’ bottles and hoppin’ on models. Of course, I’ll try to surprise you all with some more tunes, perhaps with some topics that be as unexpected as “Lights Out” was. 

Any other DJs/producers who you’re really excited about at the moment? 

So many talented artist out there at the moment, I really enjoy listening to Mura Masa and Freedo’s tunes. 

What would be your dream collaboration?

Tough one, but overall Dr Dre. 

What vocalists can we expect to see you working with in the future? 

I have tracks with Kranium, The Beatnuts, Cecile, but also like to work with yet unknown artist. Most importantly to me is the outcome, not on how big the feature artist name is. 

 Any big parties planned that you’re excited about?

I’m looking forward to my summer gigs in Sardinia and the F1 afterparty in Monaco this month. 

Thanks for chatting to us. Finally, what’s your 1 go-to track that never fails to make an impact on the dancefloor?

Thanks for having me. One of my all time sureshot tunes is Masters Of Works’ Remix of Gwen McGrae’s “Funky Sensation”, can’t go wrong with that.