Works hard. Plays hard. Ministry of Sound get ready

Words by Dan Prince

Martin a big welcome back to DMCWORLD…where are we finding you today?

“I’ve just landed in Brazil and I’ve been at the BPM Festival in Mexico all week so I’m pretty broken! So straight after I’ve finished speaking to you I’m off to sleep so I’m ready for my show in the Capitol (Brasilia) tonight at the 5uinto club.”

Ahhhh BPM – the perfect start to the year!! Come on then dude, share some highlights with us that we’re not going to read about in the boring music press…

“That place is crazy, Mexico is one of those anything goes type places and mean ANYTHING! So as you can imagine it’s absolute carnage everywhere! I don’t remember most of the week to be honest, it was a bit of a blur except for my two sets where I was pretty sensible and thought ahead to sober myself up to performance standard, but then I was then straight back in again as soon as I’d played my last track! For the Cajual vs Releif party, Cajmere was an absolute legend and decided to play the opening set as Cajmere and closing set as Green Velvet so we all had better set times- so as a mark of solidarity most of the line up showed up for his opening set at 11am after a VERY late night the night before (or no bed at all for some). You will see some amazing videos from that party as it was one of if not THE best of the week, but what you won’t see is me, Gene Farris and Harvard Bass trying to neck hair of the dog shots at 11am whilst Cajmere plays percolator whilst the bar staff are still mopping up sick from the night before! You can watch my other set from the Toolroom party on Be at TV –

The first piece of music you heard this morning?

“The latest version of a record I’ve been working on with Dave “Switch” Taylor, he just sent me an update – it has Idris Elba doing a spoken word Roland Clark type vocal on it and it’s so cool, can’t wait for people to hear it!”

New Years Eve – where were you and what did you do at midnight?

“I was playing a party in Venlo in The Netherlands, I wasn’t playing at midnight as my set wasn’t til 2am. But I went down early to catch Truss & Randomer’s sets who were playing as well.”

 What are the 5 big tunes in your box this weekend…

“My new track on Dirtybird – Doorly feat Matty Pipes – I Worked Hard For This

Andre Bratten – OG Trommer Bass – This goes off ridiculous in a club

Gerd – Sexy Muthasucka (Alterbative Version) – Bouncy vibes

Maceo Plex – Conjure Sex – becuase ooooooooffff!

My new remix for Coyu – (Coyu – Unexpected Souvenir (Doorly remix) (Suara)

A celebrity you would not want to get stuck in a lift with?

“Bieber, the little twat.”

When was the last time you pressed rewind and listened to a track over again because it was so damned good?

“The new Nadastrom album blew me away. They are good friends of mine and this was completely not what I was expecting at all. Some of the tracks wouldn’t feel out of place on Innervisions. Also a great album as a concept and a journey, I can’t wait for people to hear it. It’s out on Dubsided soon I think.”

Tell us 3 bucket list adventures you wanna do before you die?

“Skydive solo without some dude strapped to my back. Go on an Aioaska retreat with a Shamen. Become friends with Nicholas Cage then kick over a row of motorcycles at a biker bar and have a bar fight (I’ve never even thrown a punch before so it would end badly for me but I’m sure Nick would have my back the double hard bastard!).”

A tune nestling in your set that just won’t go away from last year?

“Bazar – Hard To Find (Maceo Plex Remix).”

A huge night awaits us all on February 7th when you will be rocking the Ministry of Sound alongside Cajmere, The 2 Bears and PBR Streetgang. Can you recall your first ever trip to Ministry towers and your first thoughts?

“Yep it was actually to DJ there about 10 years ago, I was booked to play in what is now the 103 for a midweek student hip hop night, played old school hip hop a lot at the time as well as house. Obviously I was massively nervous as I’d come all the way down on the train from Huddersfield, but it was wicked and I ended up being a resident for a few years. Every week I would spend any time I wasn’t DJing in the main room DJ box obsessing over the set up and sound in there and dreaming of getting to play in there one day…and it wasn’t until a few months ago that I got to do it properly…and now I have my own party there with the best DJs in the world joining me!”

Sweet! PBR Streetgang – these two lads can party with the best of them can’t they?

“They sure can, they’re absolute animals! I smell trouble!”

Something new for Ibiza 2015 that you’re looking forward to?

“We have a couple of new parties starting this year that I can’t really talk about but a nice continuation of our Ibiza Rocks House Parties from last year. Plus Doorly & Friends will continue it’s residency at Pikes Hotel as well, the most debaucherous place on earth!”

Someone in Ibiza who it always takes you ages to recover after a night out with?

“Skream, might as well book the weekend off if he’s in town!”

Your favourite DJ to spin back to back with?

“The beauty of Back to Backs is being out of your comfort zone and testing your versatility, so I love people who can really push things, People like Jackmaster, and Artwork are always amazing to play with and always as much fun as they are an education. I had some amazing B2Bs last summer though with Vonstroke, Cajmere, Justin Martin, Shadow Child to name a few that were all really really fun!”

A tune that always reminds you of the white isle? –

“The Nightwriters – let the music use you (Sunset action!).”

An album in your collection that may surprise us all…

“Phil Collins – Chinese Wall. I love a bit of yaught rock and have quite a lot of it for crack ons!.”

Your worst Christmas present…

“That Lynx deodorant box set, same one I get every year 3 or 4 times and on my birthday as well.”

And finally, your next studio commitment?

“I’ve just finished a load of around about 7 remixes, the last of which was for Matthias Tanzman’s Moon harbour label.  I have to finish a collab I’ve been working on with Cajmere tomorrow for his next Cajual Compilation and then after the weekend it’s ME time again and time to finish off a couple of new EPs for the Spring.”