Fabio Lendrum

Anything is possible for this cool as fuck producer with a stunning new EP

Hey Fabio, welcome to DMCWORLD. You have delivered a stunning debut ‘Alpha’ EP via Big Beat Records which we will come to later.Well I think it’s fair to say you have poked around pretty much every music genre there is to investigate before finally settling for your current sound. Couple of moments of your life I want to ask you about, standing in the crowd at Hammersmith Apollo watching The White Stripes and sitting around with your mates getting pissed listening to a DJ Hype Drum & Bass Arena CD. Tell us about those moments and what your emotions were…

“At the White Stripes gig I was with my two best friends, we’d managed to get some ‘olders’ to buy us beer and we were in the middle of the main mosh pit; my first ever mosh pit. I was amazed at how two people were able to make so much incredible noise. The drum & bass didn’t come for another year or so; I basically had a drunken epiphany and realised that I wanted to do more than listen to the music, so I saved up, bought two Stanton turntables and a stack of vinyl.”

Who were the artists you were listening to as a kid in your bedroom?

“Around 8 years old I used to nick my parents CDs from their collection which usually consisted of compilations. I loved listening to Michael Jackson, the Chemical Brothers (‘Block Rockin’ Beats’ to be precise) and The Prodigy. There was also Craig David and Ricky Martin  (my parents didn’t have very good music taste as you can probably tell) and as I grew slightly older (11-12 years old) I moved onto Justin Timberlake and Eminem. Then came the White Stripes gig.”

You admit you are “a bit of a dark horse” when it comes to your emotions and when at one point you were going to quit music, you devised ten golden rules by which to live your life. What sort of guidelines we talking here…

“I devised the guidelines/rules to teach me that I can only rely on myself. Some of the rules are about being healthy and others to culture and inspire your mind. Things such as no drugs, seeing your family more often, and carrying a book with you everywhere. I break the rules only when I feel I’m at my happiest at most confident.”

We have all seen the video of you doing a cover of ‘Calling’ by Sebastian Ingrosse & Alesso – when did you realise you had such an incredible voice?

“Ha ha thanks Dan!! I haven’t realised, and I don’t think I will; I am very self critical and hate complacency so thank you for the compliment but I’ve gotta keep making it better and better.”

The video shows you utilising an Emulator DVS, will you be using this stunning piece of equipment for your live sets and what can we expect from the shows?

“Sure will, the live shows will be similar to my youtube videos. It will be a DJ set and I’ll incorporate my songs into the mix.”

You were asked once what you preferred DJing or producing, to which you replied DJing. Why?

“DJing is amazing because you are able to control a large group of peoples emotions, I’ve worked in the studio for years now and I’d like a change of scenery for a bit.”

What is the current top 10 you are spinning?

1. Mercer & Mystique – Here Comes That Sound (Original Mix)

2. Azealia Banks – 1991

3. Sander Van Doorn, Julian Jordan – Kangaroo

4. Nneka – Shining Star (Joe Goddard Remix)

5. Justin Martin – Ruff

6. Otto Knows – Million Voices

7. John Dahlback – Zeus

8. Tiesto, Showtek – HELL YEAH

9. Avicii – Sihouettes

10. Fabio Lendrum – Anything’s Possible (Walden Remix)

The new EP ‘Alpha’ features tracks ‘Out of The Water’ and ‘Anything’s Possible’ with a shed load of cracking remixes from 501, David Kay, Cookie Monsta, Mikkas & Husman as well as up and coming star Walden. Why did you choose these artists to rework your tunes?

“Well for one, they’re all fantastic producers who all sound different from one another despite all being ‘dance’ music. You can identify each producers sound easily and the remixes don’t mesh into each other. I feel like each one makes me feel different emotionally.”

Can you talk us through the meaning of ‘Out of The Water’, it’s obvious there is some strong personal stuff going on there…

“Earlier on this year I was in a really dark place, I’d broken up with my girlfriend of 2 years, my best mate had betrayed me, plus all my friends had left for uni out of London and I got involved with the wrong crowd. I was on the verge of quitting music, packing up and calling it a day. ‘Out The Water’ is about that final push to stop you from drowning. It’s all pretty emotional tbh, but I think that a lot of people needed a hope song this year and I hope that this can be theirs.”

Great answer. ‘Anything’s Possible’ though is the sort of tune that makes you want to go straight out into the night and get fucked up. Was that the idea?

“You’re out the water now right? So the most important thing to do would be to go out and enjoy yourself; but yeah it’s about that feeling you have in a club under the influence of whatever rocks your boat and that energy brought together by you and all the people around you.”

What has been your best DJing experience?

“I did at Deep House set at the London club XOYO. I played at midnight on the dot and I also turned 21. I was on such a high, and there was a great connection between me the music and the crowd. What more could you ask for?”

Away from dance music, who are the artists you are listening to at the moment?

“I love hip-hop. Mainly Kanye West, there’s this new kid as well called Logic who’s gonna be huge, and ASAP Rocky.”

What has been your anthem of the summer DJing?

“Joris Voorn – ‘Goodbye Fly’.”

What was your favourite moment at Bestival?

“Probably the excitement of being back stage with other artists who I really look up to.”

And finally, what is coming next from you studio wise?

‘EP number two… oh so soon…”