Sunday Girl

It’s all about the weekend for one of the UK’s biggest voices

Jade, welcome to DMCWORLD towers. A brand new track out next week ‘Not Alone’ with DHP which we’ll come to later. Your song writing and vocals have taken you around the world, have you come from a musical family?

“It’s weird, no one in my family does music or art, so I don’t know where I got it from. I didn’t know anyone in the music industry either so it made it a very interesting and lucky journey.”

Who were the artists you were jumping around your bedroom to as a child?

“Destinys Child, Alecia Keys, Kelis, Christna Agularia. I didn’t get a good music education ’till I met friends in bands. But I  think those early artist we’re the ones who taught me to sing.”

You were very shy as a child – you are now performing in front of thousands of people a week. How did you get over the shyness?

“I went to a hypnotist at 17 and she got me over my fear. Then after then it’s just practice and understanding what nerves are and how to work with them. Me and my band jump around and tap dance – lol…before we go on stage now to get the adrenaline moving.”

At what point did you decide you wanted a career in music?

“Forever I suppose, even when I was scared of singing in front of anyone.  I never thought I was any good but I just knew if I didn’t have a go I would regret it forever.”

What was your parents reaction – what advice did they give you?

“My dads been amazing, he’s always encouraged me to do the right thing and not the sensible thing.”

Okay, this flippin’ pet shop where you were christened Sunday Girl as no one knew your name – what was that all about?

“The owner was like a saint, so many people brought pets in they didn’t want anymore and animals got dumped on the doorstep and she would take them all in and get them better. I loved that shop. I still visit now.”

You have been in various bands singing everything from Ska to jazz to pop. Who are your early musical influences?

“No Doubt was a big one for me. Peggy Lee’s tone is amazing and also Mystery Jets lyrics.”

Were you wary of your first manager when he approached you in that London club asking to be your manager? You must have had loads of people asking for your signature, what convinced you to put pen to paper at that time?

“You have to be careful and do your homework. Anybody can say they are a manager but I let him work for me for a few months and them when I was happy with how it was working I signed the deal. He managed me about 4 years ago and we parted ways so I have new management now. Sometimes you just grow out of management.”

You moved to London and went to uni to start a degree in set design at Wimbledon college of art – what was the idea there?

“It was something I always wanted to do and on my days off it allowed me to song write with London based writers.”

Would you call yourself adventurous? You once climbed onto a cottage roof to admire the views whilst on tour – what is the most dangerous thing you have ever done?

“I was training to be a jockey a few months back for a charity horse race. Being on young crazy horses is terrifying.”

How long did it take to write ‘Stop Hey’ with the prolific Jim Elliot?

“We wrote most of it in a day, in a basement studio/cupboard in London. We shot a video for it on his phone the next day too!”

Do you think he has helped you in anyway with your songwriting?

“Definitely. Jim works so quickly with lyrics, ideas just comes to him all day long. It’s good to watch.”

What co-written tune are you proudest of to date?

“‘Stop Hey’ was one of my favourites as it takes me back to a really nice point in my life.”

So the new tune, a brilliant remake of the Mauro Picotto classic ‘Komodo’ coming our way on the mighty Ego Records no less. Talk us through it…

“I got sent the track and went to Karen Pool’s house and drank tea and came up with some ideas. She’s an amazing writer. We spent a few days changing bits and bobs and here it is!”

Who are your favourite DJs?

“Martin Solveig. He is so talented but also the nicest man you’ll ever meet.”

What is the last great club you went to?

“Dog training club ha ha ha.”

What is your guilty pleasure record?

“Elvis, anything Elvis.”

And finally, it may not be good for my image, but I really love?


DHP – Not Alone Feat. Sunday Girl [Ego]