Hey Fabrice, how are you? How has your year been so far?
Well, I’m fine thank you! This year has been an interesting one for the label and an exhausting one as a dj. This being said, 2018 is far from being over and loads of great projects are ahead. I have to admit that my thirst for music is endless so I wanna do and give more, as a producer, and of course as an artist. It’s a lot of work, so I stay focused and strong.

What state is the French scene in right now? A healthy one?
The French scene is a healthy one, but it needs to re-invent itself a little. Today’s young producers are still living with the shadow of our French Touch legends, but it was 20 years ago now. I feel they need to be more curious, creating more gaps between genres in electronic. So, knowing your roots is something, but creating yourself is another story. The problem also comes from local radios and major labels. And I learned a lot while I was talent scout for major companies in electronic: They think maths instead of musical artistry. Music is a spiritual thing, so if you start to think with your wallet you’ll get electronic music ready to satisfy your grandma. Nobody takes risks here.

Do you think being French lends your music a certain style or characteristic?
Not at all. And I prefer to say and think, I’m a curious and open minded European willing to explore our musical world. It’s actually really hard to find profiles with a strong personality in France. The explanation could be in our Radio and club culture. You have radio shows, but not enough dedicated ones especially in electronic music. Same thing on the clubbing scene: You have a lot of festivals, but not enough electronic clubs. But to me, that territorry thing is an obsolete idea. Best inspiration is in the others, and Music is a nomad thing.

Tell us about your Voyeur Music label – what’s the vibe, the music you want to release there?
It was thought as a logical extension of my experience as a DJ and past record seller. I like to think it looks like me. It’s a rebel electronic and electric label with no boundaries. It was just a way for me to release what I wanted to play and a way to share it with other dj’s, creating synergies. I’m happy to realise it’s now more becoming like a family thing, where talents can express themselves under the same flag.
Since January 2018, Voyeur has also its own monthly Radio Show on Radio FG & Fg Chic (Dab+ Radio ), named “The Voyeur Radio Show”. There I showcase upcoming tracks and give the opportunity to new talents to introduce themselves. We think about something bigger for September with the Radio, but this is a matter of time, and I’m not ready to put my DJ life on the side. It’s actually the opposite.

The Voyeur Radio Show / Radio FG – FG Chic Radio :

You remixed on the latest release – how do you approach a remix, are there rules in your head about what you can and can’t do?
Haha! I’m afraid there’s no rule in my head, and I follow my feelings and instinct. On the Rebirth Remix pack from The Supermen Lovers, I design it as 3 interpretations for different crowds. Antony Toga was a mental lifter, so I had to do something different. Back in the studio, I imagined something more acid for my version, with big drops for bigger crowds. For the last version, I asked to Animal & Me to do a remix that focus on smallest crowds with a sexy touch. First it was something special for him, as far he is renown as a Live Techno performer. I remember I asked him: “Imagine a small club with a shitty sound system and 80% of girls in it.” Most of the times, if i don’t feel a remix by the first listening, it’s not working. I need to take pleasure by doing it.

VM018 – The Supermen Lovers – Rebirth (The Remixes):

Do you make tunes you want to hear and play in your own DJ sets when in the studio? Do the two relate to one another like that?
With my long time experience as a DJ, I always make tunes thinking about a moment, an audience. I always try things, test them during my sets, and re- touch them according to the dance floor feedback. To be honest I’m never 100% satisfied with my work. So far no brain has been directly connected to instruments. But I know also it’s the negative side of my personality, I’m a perfectionist. Dynamic could always be better, bass is not 100% what I had pictured in my head.

VM001 Fabrice Dayan – La Maza

VM001 Fabrice Dayan – La Maza

VM003 Time – Not Alone

Time – Not Alone

Fabrice Dayan in Paris :

Fabrice Dayan Opening for Coco Beach Party – Sunday 24th May 2015 (Track : Time – Not Alone)

How has the industry changed since you first started out, for good or bad?
You have positive and negative sides, on every side. On the music side you have more choice, but no easy way to stand out with that enormous amount of productions. On the money side, internet has been growing up fast because of artistic content, but to me artists are not paid the way they should because of those new ways of listening and selling music. So it’s a bit strange, everybody knows, but nobody fights. As it has been said : Silence means consent. That’s why being independent is a true strength.

What do you know now that you wish you had known when you first started? What would you tell your younger self?
If you are a sensitive person, stay away from bad energies, listen only to yourself, don’t trust anybody but your senses. Most of the time, people steal your skills for their own interest. Forget about any idea of comfort, in anything. Happiness only exists when shared with others. Write white pages, don’t look back, take failures as learnings, do everything with love and determination. Believe in Karma. And If I had only one thing to tell to the younger me, it would be: “Don’t be afraid”.

What else have you got coming up/are you looking forward to?
Next on the map are releases by Juanito with an EP named “Tamborero” (VM019) with remixes with my viking friend & producer Martijn ten Velden, and voyeur new artists named “The Clark Kents”. Then goes Romanians from Sllash’N Dope with “Maria’s Groove EP” (VM020), from which I made a big room remix with a strong balkanic vibe. Next on the map are big new tracks by the Greek Don Junior Pappa, UAE Mario Bazouri, new in house spiritual Bakean, and one really existing double EP project and album by Antony Toga. Upcoming singles will appear later on a Various Artists album on “Voyeur Ibiza 2018”, it’s a format I use in order to showcase upcoming talents. Those talents are meant to produce their own full EP on the label during the year to come. I of course have the party side of the label in mind, and I would love to see it in Ibiza, but it’s too early.

How do you rate your chances in the World Cup? Do you think France might win?
I’m not into that opium soccer that much, but if this brings more happiness to people, then I guess France could be the best team to win. And … to be honest, and you surely know it, because of my unconditional love for my music roots, a final with UK & France would already be a win-win situation.
 In that case: No penalty ending, please.

Fabrice’s ‘Rebirth’ remix is on the new Voyeur Music and is out now. Grab it here –


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