At the end of 2012, everything started with this great song .. Through the 107 bpm, the rolling beat and the beautiful Persian singing (Googoosh) we felt very connected. Of course, we already knew each other before and we always loved his incredibly special style, so that’s why we chose this song first, because the great journey of inspiration from the song in the downtempo theme started it all for us…A high on NU !!!! ..;)

Nu – MAN O TO (Original Mix)


Rodrigo Gallardo – Ay Que Sera Del Sol

Rodrigo Gallardo is also a special artist who we became aware of in 2014 through Bachiana Brasileira No 5 (AIRES MUSIC)  ..
However, this was still Tech House with special flute elements. Ay Que Sera Del Sol (SOL SELECTAS) came in 2016 and with this song he cast his spell on us.

Rodrigo Gallardo – Ay Que Sera Del Sol


Kerala Dust – Kylie (Original Mix)

Kerala Dust, what can one say about that? Except that they are for us the absolute London Underground artists. Their unique taste with influences like Talking Heads, Abdulla Rashim or Tom Waits made it all very exciting. When the album Motions came out in 2016, we were blown away by the track “Kylie” (MUZO). In 2017, after much anticipation, the album Late Sun (LAUT & LUISE) was released. Each song was absolutely special with a very individual style.

Kerala Dust – Kylie


Stavroz – Moser (Original Mix)

Stavroz definitely has a very special psychedelic touch. Incredible, mystical and magical. It was not for nothing that their first EP “The Ginning” was voted “Vinyl of the Month” by the German “Faze Magazine”. Their art is really to combine a mixture between old, new, east and west.

Stavroz – Moser


Oceanvs Orientalis – Revenge of the Wankers

Oceanvs Orientalis is also a very talented underground artist for us.
The first time we heard of him was in 2015 with “Leonardo” and to this day it’s a perfect track that we still love to play..Also songs like “Revenge of the Wankers” or “Tarlabasi BE SVENDSEN REMIX” are absolutely timeless numbers.

Oceanvs Orientalis – Revenge Of The Wankers


Viken Arman – Rosas Nu Remix

Of course we have some more artists to mention but last but not least we want to mention Viken Armen, as he is one of the pioneers in this genre. Especially this song which is one of the most special for us. Especially since it has a raw energy, a brutal drive and this is also a remix from NU who we mentioned earlier 😉

Viken Arman Rosas NU remix PL004