Their colossal 2017 continues. Storming sets at Burning Man, Mysteryland and Coachella, over 13 million streams for ‘Make It Right’ and their new track ‘Love Again’ killing it on disco:wax. And who mentioned Claptone on New Years Eve? DMC dives in…

Could you tell us a bit about the inspiration behind your new track ‘Love Again’ and how working with disco:wax came about?

The inspiration behind “Love Again” comes from a real story that CAYO, the singer went through. But it’s also a story that everyone relates to. How do you learn to love again after a break-up or a rough time ? How do you find the energy and the motivation to do so ? It happens to fit perfectly in the story after our latest release “Make it Right”, where the story was about how you get back on your feet after you basically messed up a relationship. Disco:wax, is a Danish label that we signed with about 3 years ago. It has been such a wonderful ride with them and their support has been real. We are really looking forward to the release with them!


Your previous release ‘Make It Right’ has reached around 13 million streams. Were you expecting this level of success for this track?

The music industry always surprises so we have no expectations. Obviously we would like to surpass these stats with “Love again” but only the listeners will tell us what it is worth!

You performed on the Carl Cox stage at Burning Man. What was it like warming up for Carl Cox? What was the craziest thing you experienced at the Burning Man Festival?

Opening for Carl Cox is so special. Opening for Carl Cox at Burning Man is unreal ! The crowd, the stage, the place, I mean, everything feels like you are on a parallel reality! About the craziest thing that I experienced, well… there are a million of crazy things that happen every minute over there. From -unexpectedly- running into the 1000 people naked bike ride to experiencing Ilumina, a gigantic sound and light art installation powered by participant’s collective heart… it just never stops. But to be honest, the craziest things that happens at Burning Man, stays at Burning Man!

You have also toured at the likes of Coachella and Mysteryland, what was your personal tour highlight of 2017?

As a duo we get to share the stage together or separately. Together, our best memory was at La Clairière in Paris earlier this summer. We played after Lost Frequencies who invited us to perform along with him. That was a beautiful event! This year’s highlight for Vic was definitely Carl Cox’s stage at Burning Man this year. It was a massive stage surrounded by 8 poles, each shooting fire… and 1500 crazy burners ! For Flo, it was just recently, opening for our friends Ofenbach at ZigZag Club in Paris!

We also noticed you will be playing with Claptone in New York this New Years Eve – could you also give fans an outline of where else you will be performing this year?

Opening for Claptone, on New Years Eve, in New York City… is really a dream comes true.
At the beginning of the year we will mostly perform all over France with a winter tour in the Alpes. More gigs are in discussion on the US side, stay tuned.

Apart from ‘Love Again’ – do you have any more release plans that you can tell us about? Or any other exciting projects lined up?

We are working on a lot of records but no other release plans for now, we are going to see how “Love Again” evolves and take it from there. Ultimately, we will be working on an album release but that will probably be for 2020.