The producer with the world at his feet. We check in with the Los Angeles don as he looks back on a brilliant year whilst enjoying touring life down under…

Interview by Dan Prince


Dylan a huge welcome to DMCWORLD. You are in the middle of a big tour down under, where in Oz land are you today?

Currently I am actually in the middle of the Australian “bush” (their version of the boonies) at this incredible house/studio an hour outside Sydney. It’s the vibe.

Tell us about the tour, who have you been hanging with and what have been some of the highlights so far…

The crowds have been amazing. Australians are amazing and have so much energy. I have been hanging mostly with Alison Wonderland/lido & Lunice on the tour so far and then next week get to hang with ASAP Ferg so very excited for that!

The best new record you have heard this week?

Yung Gud – U Want Me. Technically it’s not new but came on my shuffle on iTunes library yesterday and I had completely forgotten how good it was. Feels brand new. I use to rinse that song to no end.

Well then young man, what a year you have had! Massive remixes, your own stellar productions and hundreds of crazy gigs. Looking back, how does 2017 compare to 2016 in the satisfaction stakes and what are you looking to achieve over the next 12 months?

2017 has been such a whirlwind for me. Toured more dates in more countries than I ever have before and spent a record 10 whole days home in the last 3 months. Very humbled tho I’ve been working at this too long to stop now. Next year I have so many goals. To put out an album and become a more well rounded producer for all styles of music.

What are the 3 big tunes in your box this weekend…

Sophie – MSMSMSM
This song starts riots it’s so hype and so simple.

Ayo & Teo – rolex (my remix)
I love playing this out because the response is always so amazing and people just go nutty

GTA & Falcons – Buyaka (unreleased)
Got a promo of this song from these guys and its been a staple of my sets ever since. It’s a weird hybrid of Dembow, trap and shabba ranks

You were recently asked to play at the Vegas Benfit concert at Omnia which raised over one million dollars to help the victims of the atrocious shootings in October. Tell us about the experience…it must have been so humbling?

It was so incredible to play at this show. Hakkasan did an amazing job putting it together not just from an event standpoint, but they were so passionate about giving back to the community and it showed. It felt good to be a part of something that was much bigger than music. When I got the call about it I didn’t even let them finish before I said yes. I really hope the money has been able to give some of the victims and their families help/some semblance of peace.

Okay let’s rewind for a moment. Before you smashed the shit out of the music industry it was all about the world of acting which first grabbed your attention. What was a young Dylan Ragland’s dream back in those days?

Haha I think I probably wanted to be a movie star at some point. I just have always loved entertaining people. Not from the narcissistic look at me standpoint but because I genuinely enjoy seeing people enjoy themselves from something I am doing. So I guess I went from one stage to another.

Was the decision to quit acting to pursue an easy one? Whose music first grabbed your attention?

It was kinda a gradual acceptance that it probably was going to be too hard to make it in the acting industry. But at the same time I was falling in love with filmmaking in high school so I gradually moved towards creating/working behind the camera.

What would you say was your first break into the music industry and who has been a real help with your career?

I started DJing in college with my best friend at the time and eventually we got up to the hollywood bottle service club circuit. Played for $0. But I wasn’t making music at the time so I would get booked to play opening tech house slots but it taught me so many lessons. That was my first foray into this bizarre industry. Too many people to name in terms of who has helped me but I would def have to say that I was very fortunate to get some support from some big names like Skrillex, Diplo & Bro Safari early on in my career and that was so incredibly invaluable. But the producer who helped me the most in terms of opportunities would have to be Diplo. Very good guy.

What is coming next from you studio wise?

ALBUM. And the song I produced for Lil Jon, Offset & 2 Chainz comes out Jan 8th!!!

Some of the gigs from the summer that still live in your memory bank?

Electric Zoo was awesome. But hands down favorite show from the summer would have to be HARD Summer. The vibe was great and I brought out Lil Jon as a surprise guest and to perform the track I produced for his next single

What is the last GREAT…

Album you checked?

2 Chainz – Pretty Girls Like Trap Music

DJ you danced to?


Film you saw?

Wind River

It’s nearly Christmas. Santa pops down your chimney and offers you the choice of a headline slot at your favourite festival…or a role in a film with your favourite director. Which one do you pick?!?

Thats a great question haha. To be honest I would say role in a film because it would be so fun to re visit acting and try that out for a change.

And finally, in a recent interview with Magnetic Mag you said that you were going to really try and engage with people more by stop being on your phone the whole time! So, how are you doing with that little promise?

Wow you guys do you research! I actually have been much better and it has been awesome because I’ve been more present with people and its paid off. I’ve also got others to do the same which is awesome.

Thank you squire. Appreciate your time.

No worries my liege. Thanks for having me!