Brighton-based Producer/DJ George Kwali scored one of the biggest hits of 2016 in ‘Crank It’ with Kideko which enjoyed support from an assortment of top DJs and tastemakers. His latest release, the acid house inspired ‘Dream Enough’ features Gabrielle Aplin on vocals and is shaping up to be another huge track. When not in the studio. George also DJs around the world, including recently playing alongside Idris Elba. DMC caught up with George Kwali for a chat.


Hi George, what have you been up to over the summer?

Hi guys, I’ve just got back from playing Creamfields festival which was absolutely mental! This summer, I’ve spent loads of time in the studio writing new music and finishing off old projects, trying to get everything ready for new year!

Your new track, ‘Dream Enough’, features the No.1 hit scoring singer-songwriter Gabrielle Aplin on vocals. How did that collaboration come about?

My publisher Jos actually introduced us and suggested we work together as she lives near me in Brighton! We spent a couple of days in a friend’s studio on the seaside and ‘Dream Enough’ was the outcome…

George Kwali – Dream Enough (Ft. Gabrielle Aplin)

What was the inspiration for the track?

I wanted to write a melancholic dance track, something that made you feel the way you do when you hear Todd Terry’s remix of Everything But The Girl’s ‘Missing’.

Which other vocalists would you like to work with?

I’d absolutely love to work with Metronomy. I’ve been a huge fan of them for a while now. That would be nuts.

We loved the photo of you DJing with Idris Elba on social media, where you were DJing together in Brighton. How did you hook up with Idris?

I was actually invited to a Fatboy Slim gig by one of his team; they said they liked what I was doing, and it would be cool to hook up and do some stuff together

If you had to choose one, would it be DJing or Producing?

I started out Producing before I was DJing but I’d have to choose DJing because you get to travel more and go to loads of parties, although I do love making music.

We see from your social media that you travel a lot. What has been your favourite country to visit?

My favourite place to visit is New York – there’s such a cool energy there and always fun things to do. Either there or the Lake District – I love that place.If you could perform anywhere in the world, where would it be?

I’d love to play at DC-10 in Ibiza. I’ve played a few places on the island but never there. That would be sick.

What can people expect from George Kwali for the rest of 2018 and beyond?

Lots more club music and underground EPs

How do you like to unwind when not in the studio or DJing?

I like to watch TV series, order food and sit there until I’ve finished the whole series. I recently started and finished Game of Thrones in under two weeks.


George Kwali ‘Dream Enough’ ft Gabriele Aplin is out now on Insanity

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