Farish’s discography glistens with intelligently produced, artfully composed and masterfully curated collections of electronic music, with latest album ‘Wilderness’ set to be no exception. Having earned four Billboard charting releases, well over 280 million streams across all platforms and co-writing credentials on a GRAMMY® nominated recording it is undeniable that Ryan’s words have earned their weight, making ‘Wilderness’ his most highly anticipated release to date. DMCWORLD checks in…



You just released your incredibly impressive 16th studio album ‘Wilderness’. What was the creative process like for this project and how did it differ than so many of your previous LPs?

Hello, and thank you. Wilderness was an album that I set out with a great deal of intention. I wanted to create an album that would be the most authentic music I have ever created, and it was the first time I used my own vocals on many of the songs.

Ryan Farish – Wilderness

Which track from the album would you consider to be the most meaningful to you?

“My Heart Beats for You” is probably the song that means the most to me, because I can remember playing the demo of the song from my phone in my daughter’s nursery, and she started to dance. This was the first time I had seen her dance to a song, and I’ll never forget the joy I felt at that moment.
Who would you say inspired you to make the music that you do today?

I’ve been inspired over the years by so many great artists and bands. The list would be really long if I mentioned them all, but the ones most recently would be M83, Coldplay, Tycho, Above & Beyond, Odesza, ATB, Illenium, Bonobo and Emancipator to name a few.

Who are some of your favorite up & coming artists at the moment? Aiden Moore, check out the album “Good As New”.  Another is Message to Bears.

If you weren’t a producer, what path in life do you think you would’ve chosen? I would have wanted to be an artist manager, so that I could be of help to the creative community, and be a source and advocate for the rights of artists and songwriters.

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When you’re not making music or performing live, what are some things you enjoy doing in your spare time?

I love spending time with my daughter, we walk around and look with wonder at all the things that most of us adults take for granted. The wind blowing the trees, the sound of insects at night, birds, rainbows, etc. I also ride a motorcycle and enjoy riding an electric longboard, although recently I took a bad fall off my skateboard and had to get 6 x-rays on my wrists… I’ve kinda chilled out from riding since that accident.

You also announced earlier this summer that your 17th studio album would be released as well during the second half of 2018. Can you tell us anything about that?

It’s almost like a second chapter to ‘Wilderness’ however the music is a bit more electronic in nature, and the energy is a bit higher with the bpm and sounds.

‘Wilderness’ is out now on RYTONE Entertainment