Gianni Coletti

The Best Of 2012

The Tunes

Crystal Waters with Musique Boutique – Gipsy Woman (Gianni Coletti vs KeeJay Freak Remix)
Grada Vs Gianni Coletti – Rock Staeady
Analog People in A Digal World Feat. Meg – Tattoo Girl (Gianni Coletti vs KeeJay Freak Remix)

The Festival

Sensation White

The Club

InDiga, Sottomarina di Chioggia – Venice

The Producer

Marco Lys – Sam Paganini

The Hero

The Italian people, I do not know how they can carry on…real heroes!

The Breakthrough Artists

Lissat & Voltax, Crazibiza, The Cube Guys
The Prediction For 2013

House music will once again be the undisputed queen of the world!…