Gee Moore

The Best Of 2012

The Tunes

Cactus Jack – Faces (well groomed EP) – Is This
Another gem from Nathan Coles label that just can’t do no wrong for me, the grooves are consistently brilliant and impossible not to dance to and this is a classic example, a tune that I like to think of as a big gun

Electric rescue – Dope (2012 mix) – Bedrock
Gutted that this was a late release last year and so not included in a top 3, so I was happy that Bedrock bought out a 2012 mix so I can shout about it this time. It has been said that club venues are a form of club goers church; with that in mind then this tune has the techno bells groove to go with it. Imagine grooving down the aisle getting married to this

5AM – Layo & Bushwacka – Olmeto Records 
One of the highlights of the year for me was to play along side Layo & Bushwacka at Bora Bora Brasil. But I have to say that they really topped that honour by letting me have an exclusive pick of their tracks for this year’s official Bora Bora Compilation 2012 from their album Rising & Falling – more than three months before their own album release. This rocking monster of a tune is massively wild and techy

The Festival

Neverland, Brasil

Was one of the best I have been to for a long time, it’s a relatively new concept and although I usually prefer smaller more intimate venues to play, I was able to be in good proximity to the crowd and so communication and feeling between us was easy made. I also defintely worked off a few kilos that night

The Club

Bora Bora Brasil and Tunisia

What else can I say? If we can’t get our own shit tiptop then what’s the point? New open air club in Tunisia and the beach club here in Brasil has just undergone a nice reshape including a new road so no more waiting for the waves on the ‘beach come road’ to go out before putting your foot down on the peddle so as not to get hit by a big wet one. I will also give the thumbs up to The Rainbow in Birmingham, great place and amazing line-ups

The Producer

Adam Shelton

He sent me through a bunch of promos mid year and adding those to the ones I’m still playing from last year, they have become a large part of my house sets. His label One Records and productions with Subb-an are fantastic

The Hero 

Bradley Manning

He’s gone through torture and isolation at the hands of his fellow evil countrymen because he had the guts to tell the truth what he witnessed out there. His treatment whilst in captivity has been completely unacceptable, whilst his President Obama and Government continues to commit murder of innocents and unlawful occupations around the world. In this true-life horror tale he is a hero and the USA government the villain yet again

The Breakthrough Artist

Dave Gallier from Birmingham

He’s released his first tracks as EPs on both SLR and Tiamat Rec this year and I am definetly going to pin him down for some tunes and remixes to put out on the Bora Bora label next year. He’s playing Rainbow in Birmingham on NYE so well worth going along for a knee’s up if you can

The Prediction For 2013

World to keep spinning with or without people on it messing it up. More wrinkles, less hair for me with a smile on top. Finally music releases from the new Bora Bora label. Oh, and yet another new Bora Bora venue to be announced!