A firm favourite at DMC towers, Javier is one of Spain’s leading producers/DJ’s/promoter’s who has been with Vatos Locos since it’s inception. His most acclaimed project, the successful Under Your Seats event has been smashing the Canary Islands and putting these great little party places bang on the map. We check in as the big man bosses out a fabulous new EP…


Javier a huge welcome to DMCWORLD, where in the world are you right now?

Hello, I’m in London right now.

Your favourite piece of new music you have heard today…

A forthcoming Hanfry Martinez remix for Decay Records, I think it’s the best piece that I’ve heard today.

Big news for you right now with the release of your new release on Hector’s VL Recordings label. Give us the low down on the new Silver Smile EP…

Silver Smile is the most important work that I’ve done to date. I’ve been working really hard over the last two years in the studio, for this VL release. After creating more than 15 tracks, it was really difficult just to choose 4 tracks for a single EP. So, Hector had the amazing idea of doing a double vinyl EP, which has been really great for me.

You have been with Vatos Locos since its inception and are regarded as one of the key members. What makes this label and musical family so interesting to work with?

I guess I feel comfortable here because VL has the same music philosophy as me. I love that we are guys from different parts of the world, but the music connects us all together. This creates an amazing atmosphere and vibe, that we can share with people who love music just as much as us.

As well as your producing you are known for your most excellent parties with your Under Your Seat events smashing the Canary Islands with such luminaries as Seth Troxler and Art Department. How did these events begin and what’s the scene like on these Atlantic islands?

Under Your Seat was born 10 years ago, as we felt the need to play and share music, with friends and artists from other cities. This was something that had been difficult during that period in the islands. We started in smalls warehouses, with parties for just 200 people. After a year or so, we began to do our own parties in the best club in the island “Velvet Club”. Which had hosted label residencies from Cocoon, Freak ’n Chic, Kompakt and artists like Raresh, Cassy, Markus Fix, Tobias Thomas, Dan Ghenacia…Actually, the Canary Islands has a solid scene with festivals and top clubs like Mood club, Sound Gardens or Noche de Brujas, which are all projects of Underyourseat in partnership with different brands.

What are the future events you are working on at the moment?

Now, we are working on the upcoming Christmas and New Year’s Eve parties, with some amazing line ups that will be announced very soon.

What are the 3 biggest tunes in your box at the moment, please give us a few words on each…

At this moment my top tracks are:

Tommy Vicari Jr – 2.1 , Tervisio : This Tommy track really makes me feel like I’m on a bittersweet trip, I love the synth lines and the snare, which give it a lovely tension and amazing groove.

Pedro Goya & Magazine – Canal, Overall Music: This is the last release on my label “Overall Music”, I have been playing this track all the summer. It’s a bomb, a peak time track with a magic acid line and infectious bassline, the crowd really go crazy with all its different elements.

Faster – Semnal, VL Limited 001: This is one of my favourite after hours tracks, it just has the perfect balance between groove and hypnotic atmosphere.

Throw some summer DJing highlights at us…

From last summer, I’ve got three nights that spring to mind. First, was the premiere of my new project “TERMS”, last august in Escena, Las Palmas. It was really great to play whatever I wanted and needed to, without any dance floor pressure. So I got to drop a mix of house, electro, techno and classics bombs during an exciting three hour set. The second one was playing in Bar Americas, Guadalajara. The home of my friends Hector and Pinto. Such an amazing and exciting night. From 2AM, the dance floor was packed. I played for 3 hours and then another 4 hours b2b with Pinto. The club had to close eventually, because they had run out of tequila. The last one was at Output, New York City at Vatos Locos’ special party.  At the beginning of the party, we were supposed to be on the rooftop, but because of the rain we had to move to The Panther Room. Hector, Sece and I played b2b for 6 hours, enjoying the amazing sound system and the good tequila.

You live in London, a city that changes by the hour. Why do you love our capital so much and where do you like to hang out?

I’m from the Canary Islands and we have a strong connection with the UK, as a popular tourist destination for Brits. My first introduction to electronic music was through English DJ’s, who were residents on the island. I began to listen Break Beat, UK Garage and English House at a really young age, and was fascinated about all the sounds from London. It’s inspirational for me live here. I love to hang out, at the institution that is fabric. Also, Fuse at Village Underground, and all the different clubs with quality music.

An up and coming producer to watch out for in 2018?

I always have some artists in my bag like “Z@p”, “Bodin & Jacob”. They are doing some really great work this year, and I’m sure next year will be the year that their sound really explodes.

And finally, what is coming out next from you studio wise?

After my Silver Smile EP on VL, I’ve got some remixes for Decay, Focus on Egoless and Moan, as well as a new EP on Blackwood Records with Yaya on the remix. Also, some new exciting stuff from my alias “TERMS” will be coming out.


Javier Carballo ‘Silver Smile’ EP out vinyl only on VL Recordings late November – pre order link: https://www.deejay.de/Javier_Carballo_Silver_Smile_Ep_2x12_VL006_Vinyl__286661