Johan S releases on LNADJ Records

As the life changing Last Night A DJ Saved My Life charity revamp their label LNADJ Records, we check in with the brilliant Swedish producer Johan S to find out what his vibe is as this crazy continues…

Hey Johan, it’s great to catch up. How have the last few months been for you amidst all of this. What have you been up to?

Hey, great to be here and thanks for having me! The last few months have been both weird and wonderful all at the same time haha! Weird with what is going on in the world but wonderful as a lot of great things have happened on a personal and professional level with my productions, releases and goals achieved. So I´m over the moon actually.

You’re releasing on LNADJ Records, can you tell us about how releasing on the label came about?

It was my manager, Jonathan Waller, who asked me how I would feel about doing a charity project and to be fair I didn´t need to think long before I said yes!

LNADJ Records is owner and ran by the music charity Last Night A DJ Saved My Life of course, can you please tell us what the charity means to you, what you know about it and what you admire about them?

Before I started working with them I knew a bit of what they stand for and what they do, and for me it simply feels great to be able to help in any way I can as an artist and DJ. I hope that I can spread a positive vibe in these challenging times. The way LNADJ run their charity using dance music as the driving, positive force to raise funds is something I feel I can fully embrace and understand.

The single you’re releasing with them ‘My Vibe’ is a real summer track, can you tell us about the production behind it and how the idea sparked in the studio?

Yes of course! I set out to do a really positive house track, something to just dance too and (at least for a moment) forget all the weird stuff going on so that is what “My Vibe” is all about, a feel-good record basically, aimed to unite people in the unique way only house music can do. The basic idea came around quite quickly but then I always work quite long and hard on all my productions to get the sound I want.

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Do you have any further releases scheduled for the future?

Yeah lots of them in fact! My remix of Heller & Farley’s classic “Ultra Flava” that I´ve done together with Low Steppa is out on the mighty Defected Records in September. In October I have a new release on Toolroom and after that I´ll have two new releases on Simma Black and of course releases on my own label Subtractive. Plus also a couple of really cool collaborations that I can´t reveal just yet…

And how about shows? Have you managed to squeeze in a socially distance set over the summer?

Well like most DJs I had pretty much all 2020 shows cancelled or postponed, so instead I´ve been doing live streams, radio mixes and Spotify takeovers for various companies and labels so I´ve been busy but of course I miss the real people and the real crowds, I really do!

Where can people see you play next? Whether it’s online or in person?

Finally shows are starting to come together now for 2021 in the UK and Belgium to name a few so that´s really nice and people can catch me on the LNADJ stream this weekend if we can get everything technical to work haha! More info on that on the LNADJ socials ( And keep an eye on my socials to stay up to date with my shows, releases and everything in between!