Joyce Muniz

Brazilian producer Joyce Muniz is the latest in the line of serious talent that have releases on LA based imprint Culprit this year. Below, the talented deep house producer talks about her latest release, it’s inspiration and how the musical influences of Vienna shaped her life and developed her unique bass-heavy sound.



This is your debut release on Culprit. What’s your relationship with the label, it feels as though your sound is relatively close to theirs over the last 5 years, has this, or a, release been a long time coming?

I have been playing music from Culprit for a couple of years now. I really like the quality of the releases. They have a unique style of deep house. After my last album single on Exploited, I also decided to send out new music to other labels – specially to the labels whose music I also play in clubs. Actually Culprit was the first label that came into my mind. I was very happy when they accepted my music. I could not imagine these tunes on any other label.

This EP shows real balance between ‘Fix My Bike’s’ lethargic and low-riding sound, and ‘Just Kidding’s’ energizing beats and expansive synth-work. What’s the inspiration behind them both?

“Fix My Bike” is much slower compared to my other releases and it also has a kind of fun vibe in it. That’s why I called it “Fix My Bike”. I had no plan or real direction with this track but I knew it had to be groovy. “Just Kidding” on the other hand is delivering the more serious late night deep house vibes. It has a different dynamic through the percussions. I like the balance between both tracks. “Fix My Bike” to groove in, “Just Kidding” to groove out!

Till Von Sein’s remix adds a whole other texture to the EP. How did he get involved and are you pleased with the results?

Till was my first choice. I was happy when he picked fix my bike. I knew he could work well on a new groove and make it really sexy. Till definitely brought some 80´s vibes to the track, which I love.

Bass. Basslines, low-riding synths, and rumbling grooves are signature of your sound. Where does signature style stem from and what were your influences like when growing up?

A lot of my influences come from Brazil – especially the groove. My grand uncle was a leader of a Brazilian samba school in Sao Paulo back in the days. Most of my family members used to be percussionists. And yes I am bass line addicted. Mainly I felt this influence for the first time through Drum & Bass. At the beginning of my career I was a Drum & Bass DJ. The low riding synth influence definitely comes from the Vienna Downtempo of the 90s. Vienna was the capital of chill-out music. Kruder & Dorfmeister had a very big impact on me – probably not only on me but for a whole generation of producers.

Originally from Brazil, where are you based now?

I was in Vienna but last year I decided to get a second base in Berlin. It was a good decision for me. Both cities have different characters. Berlin has the creative chaos and Vienna is the more cozy and classy city. I moved to Vienna with my family in 1995. My parents were not happy in Brazil anymore. It was hard times in Brazil during then – the political situation was very critical and criminality was on the rise. It was definitely the best decision they made. I think I wouldn’t be a DJ & a music producer if they hadn’t come to Europe.

You have your own night at Sass Music Club in the city every few months. What’s the local scene like — does it lend itself to a certain genre or is it a melting pot of ideas and events?

I have been DJing at Sass club since their starting days – that was 15 years ago. When I decided to do my own nights, Sass Club was my first home – it’s small, cozy, has great service and a cool sound system. The night is called Joyce Muniz & Friends – I wanted to keep it personal. I do 5 nights a year with artist friends from all over the world. Vienna is small but has a nice club scene. The city has 5 strong clubs with very good line-ups. The local scene is small but it is very good quality – and I am not talking only house music here – also drum & bass, techno and indie. The scene is very compact – everybody knows each other and it’s a very nice community.

Oh, and is your bike now fixed?

Yes, finally! But I might just use it again in a couple of months. Winter is back in Berlin…

“Fix My Bike” is out now on Culprit

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