We have been lapping up this Berlin ace’s music ever since Pete Tong premiered ‘This Is How We Do It’ on Radio 1 back in 2016. And the dancefloor smashes keep on coming from the Subliminal Records star! DMCWORLD checks in as ‘Bad Girl’ gets us naughty…


A huge welcome to DMCWORLD, where on this crazy planet are you today?

Hi guys, thanks for having me. Right now I am in Berlin, working in the studio.

When was the last time you heard a new record and thought to yourself, ‘fuck, I wish I’d made that!’?

Bladerunner, the original movie Soundtrack from Vangelis, it´s a masterpiece of writing & sound design.

A really exciting time for you at the moment thanks to the release of your new collab with Erick Morillo and Ora Solar entitled ‘Bad Girl’. Tell us all about it…

I´m feeling blessed to work with Erick & Subliminal Records. Ora Solar is living also here in Berlin.I have recorded with her a couple of ideas roughly, Erick & myself have been working before on the playback / instrumental, we both liked what Ora came up with, so we put the final touches on the song & production.

Buy now…https://sub367.lnk.to/BGMA

Your friendship and working relationship with Mr Subliminal rolls back to the start of 2016…

That’s right, the first ever Junolarc release was in May 2016, this was also the first collaboration with Erick named “This Is How We Do It”. It all started off with with this record.

A slurry of incredible tunes have poured out since including ‘This Is How We Do It’, ‘Don’t Belong’, ‘Love Brand New’ and ‘Gone’. Tell us about the electricity between yourself and Eric in the studio, how do you two compliment each other?

The vibe is the most important thing when you’re working with someone in the studio, it can be musicians, singers etc. We have had always a great vibe when we´re working together in the studio.

Okay let’s rewind for a moment and see where this journey began. How old were you when dance music first entered your world and how?

I started as a DJ very young at the age of 15. After school, we´ve been hanging out as much as we could in the record stores & there it was all about music & dance culture, I was addicted to House and Techno music, during the years I collected around 12.000 vinyl of only House & Techno Records from 1990 to 2006.

Was music always going to be the choice of career for you or was there something else that interested you?

It was my first choice and I´m happy about it.

What was your first real break into the music industry?

Building my first recording studio that was around 1995. Through there, everything started so I´ve been involved in lots of productions / projects as a producer & songwriter.

Early producer heroes?

Frankie Knuckles and  Derrick May

What are the big 3 tunes in your box this weekend…

Junolarc ‘Latitude’

Released on Sondos during ADE this year, great reactions on all my gigs & the support was huge

Junolarc & Erick Morillo Feat Ora Solar ‘Bad Girl’

Released on Subliminal Records, it really works well on all my gigs, it´s a sure shot .

My remix of Kaiser Souzai & Roland Clarke ´The Voice EP´

Released on Ballroom Music. It´s more of a darker & techno vibe…I’m digging this one for the later more driven sets.

What has been your proudest achievement of 2017?

Being signed as an artist with Subliminal Records & touring the world.

Christmas is around the corner, what are you hoping Santa is bringing you this year?

I hope he´s coming for only good reasons…

And finally, what is coming out next from you studio wise?

I have worked lately on 5 new Junolarc tracks, I tested them already 2 weeks ago on my last UK tour. They are ready to go for 2018!