DMCWORLD grab a world exclusive with Athens-based producer and DJ Kostakis as he releases his new EP on Jetblack Music. Kostakis’ release history spans prominent labels such as Get Physical, KATERMUKKE, Shimza’s leading Afrocentric label Kunye and Ryan Murgatroyd’s Swoon Recordings to name a few. ‘The Woods’ is a collab with leading South African band Diamond Thug and is a massive showcase of their combined talent….


What inspired your latest collaboration with Diamond Thug?

The vocal, I heard it and I had to have it.

TRACK LINK: www.beatport.com/release/the-woods/3368693

What first inspired you to get into the music industry?

It’s a long road and its difficult to pinpoint the exact moment. It happened gradually through music and clubbing and through relationships. I had been in IT most of my life and I had a near death experience that made me look at my life and I moved from London back to South Africa and I joined the Soul Candi Institute of music and then started working there and then the rest is history.

How did your relationship with Jetblack Music come about?

I have been friends with the founder for many years and our relationship is built on trust and what more could you ask for than trust with a label/ management company.

Do you feel that there was any one release or performance where you felt that you had now reached a new level in your career?

In terms of Kostakis my greatest achievements are purely from support of some of the people I idolise. I make my music for people to play and enjoy the music again is not about me its about the energy feeding of those that enjoy and support it.

Do any of your past releases stand out as a favourite to you personally?

I think my favourite production before this is my Remix for Bantwanas – Ngoma it was one of my first releases as Kostakis and its just my all round favourite. It just has this chunky full mix and I was so happy with the way it just pops in terms of the master and the strange elements. The greatest tracks are the ones I dont remember making like you get into a trance and then you look back and think, “Did I make that”?

Any advice for people struggling to stay motivated during the Corona Virus quarantine period?

Its going to sound silly but do a mix of all your own music or listen to your own tracks on Spotify and remind yourself of how far you have come and if you dont have any tracks then just listen to a producer that motivates you and then open whatever software you use and put down a kick drum and go for it!

What is your favourite song to perform?

I think the one that gets people every time is Wicked Eyes. However I love the remix of Sweet Lullaby with Strange Loving – it took us so long to get it out and so much red tape but it was worth it.

Who are your favourite artists at the moment?

Bicep, Fka Mash, 9th House, Shiffer, Glowal, Blanka Mazimela, Ry X, Elif…

If you could change anything about the industry, what would it be?


What is a simple piece of advice that has helped change the quality of your music?

When you cant do anymore, let go. If you cant master your own track, don’t.

What would be the best advice you wished you heard when you were starting out in the music industry?

Ask for help when you need it and dont waste time tweaking and tweaking I wasted 10 years thinking I wasn’t good enough.

What are your plans moving forward?

Be Positive, Be Healthy ,Be Happy, Be MUSIC!


ARTIST: Kostakis feat. Diamond Thug

TITLE: The Woods

LABEL: Jetblack Music

RELEASE DATE: May 21st 2021