Label Profile : Friday Fox Recordings


Label Name: Friday Fox Recordings

Where are you based: London, UK

Who is involved: Christian B & Lavvy Levan

When did you start: 2013

What is your sound: Warm, proper vibey House music.

What is the ethos behind the label: Just to release good music, that we enjoy, nothing angry or negative – just proper House music.

Who are your are your artists: Christian B & Lavvy Levan, Robot 84, Rapson, Rudi Botha, Miggza, Fatty Mombassa, Misty Cotton, Rhodesy, DS Hunt, Rob Slac, Kieron Ayres and Romibuns (so far!)

Christian B & Lavvy Levan 1

What’s your format for release: Digital and Vinyl

Do you host label events, tell us about them: Yep, Friday Fox Sessions in and around London, with a selection of DJs, Live PA’s, Live Percussion and MCs – always lots of fun.

What’s the biggest challenge in running a record label: Really making it pay. We have a deep love for House Music, but illegal downloads and streaming are definitely not the way forward for small labels. So we are always trying to support physical formats as much as possible, namely vinyl.

Name your most successful release to date: Probably the DJ Spen remix of ‘Stand Up’, he definitely opened up some doors (and ears) for us! Also, ‘No Trouble’ seems to be becoming something of an underground classic.

What’s coming next for the label: Rapson’s debut EP for Friday Fox is out now featuring vocals from Nathan Thomas and Holly Petrie. Plus, Sounds from the Den Vol.3 is coming – and solo EP from Christian B. Plus, finally we will be releasing ‘Got My Love’… a track that’s been undercover for far too long!

Where can we find out more?