Lorenzo Dada

With a series of EP releases on Culprit, Lorenzo Dada has released his debut album, ‘Second-Life’ on the LA-based label. DMCworld caught up with the Italian to discuss his production style, life in Italy and his plans ahead. 

Where are you right now and what are you up to?

Currently I am playing F. Chopin – Fantasie Impromptu op. 66 as I have an important concert in June that I am preparing for.

So, how has 2018 treated you so far?

2018 is starting out as a great year. I had as you know my first album out on Culprit and I am changing my direction in my projects. I have to say it’s been an exciting start.

You’ve been working with Culprit for a while now, how did this relationship start and why were they right choice to go ahead and release your album with them?

Back in 2012 I started traveling to Los Angeles frequently and I always check out the nightlife scene for every city I travel to… I believe it truly all started at a Culprit Standard Party as I was completely captured by the LA Scene! At the event I happened to meet Andrei, Justin and Brett and everything just clicked and started from there!

Do you feel the album is a representation/reflection of your music over the last few years, or have you tried to musically challenge yourself and push new boundaries?

I have always loved different styles of music and the music I did for this album was produced over a period of time of experimenting and development. I love working acoustically like just a piano solo or with modulars and this album was definitely a new step in a new direction for me. The album came out in a natural sense of growth and challenging myself to create the best quality I could.

Would you say the album holds a distinct theme?

I don’t think I can say there is a direct theme but there is a play on classical and electronic music throughout the album. Also, the title track is “Second Life”, and that plays throughout the music as my musical composing has developed and taken on a second life.

Guide us through a day in Lorenzo’s studio, how do you set out to produce a track?

My base set up is a Yamaha Silent Piano plus a Grand Piano Yamaha C3, an Analog Rhythm Moog Sub 37, a MicroKorg XL and some Modular equipment / buchla.
I do really short sessions and long breaks so my mind is always fresh when entering the studio. As you know you get really used to what you listen so its really helpful to do short sessions. I always start on the piano and write down my music. Once it feels like a complete idea I record it and move into my analog equipment and everything is recorded with Ableton live sequencer.

How did you get in touch with Nitin and Sxnths for the remixes?

I’ve been friends with Nitin and Benoit for a long time. I met Nitin at my first appearance at BPM Mexico back in 2014 and we have been really good friends since then. Benoit pretty much was the same as it was a Culprit event for BPM Mexico where I first met him. For a while Benoit was in Rome so I got to be in the studio and hang out with him before he moved back to Paris.

How long have you lived in LA and why did you move? Did you need a change of scenery for Italy?

I lived in LA for about 3-4 years but not consecutively and maybe someday I will return for a few more years. Now I am based in Rome which is my home city. The scenario in Italy is pretty much the same. It is a completely different vibe between Rome and Los Angeles. I will always have a special love for both cities.

Any big nights/events lined up?

I have 2 piano concerts coming up in June.

What track gets you out of bed in the morning?

Mozart, Bach or Vivaldi for sure – Spotify classical playlists that’s what I suggest.

If you got stuck in a car for five hours with one song on loop, what would it be?

Aphex Twin – Flim.
You can buy Lorenzo’s album…here