We had a chat with Hidden Recordings boss Deepak Sharma who talked to us about his favourite Back to Mine tracks, here’s what he had to say;

My early days of the past twenty years in NYC were scattered quite literally through the clubs, lounges, after-parties the city had to offer so it’s natural that’s my main source of inspiration, dreaming and influence into my journey as DJ.  

Think of this Back to Mine as a mini DJ set through different points in time between beginning to end.


Fugue – Contrapoint (1994)

Some say it’s a lost art now, but I always have pride in myself on knowing how to open a room as a DJ.  I sought out tracks like this to get the mood going in a thoughtful and warm way.

fugue – contrapoint (1994)


Yantra – The Birth Of Stars (1993)

Brilliant downtempo, the perfect come-down from a heavy night on Synewave, which is one of my favorite labels lead by Damon Wild.  A diverse catalog to be revered, I must have collected dozens of their records over the years.

Yantra – The Birth Of Stars (1993)


DeepChord – Vantage Isle (DC Mix I)

Welcome to the deep end.  Nobody’s better than Deepchord at moving you through lush atmospherics.

DeepChord – Vantage Isle (DC Mix III)


Herb Martin – Soul Drums

With wonderful tribal grooves flooded by slick percussion, you’ll feel at home in an orchestra.  Ibadan is Jerome Sydenham’s label and it’s chock full of gems like this.

Herb Martin – Soul Drums


Radiohead – Everything In Its Right Place (Joe Claussell 10:00 Edit)

Mash-ups can be tough but when you combine one of my favorite bands with a NYC house legend, good results come about:

Radiohead – Everything In Its Right Place (Joe Claussell 10:00 Edit)


Blake Baxter – The Sexual Deviant

For some heavy funk at those home-grown house parties, this track speaks what’s on everyone’s mind.

BLAKE BAXTER – The Sexual Deviant


Abe Duque – What Happened

Tribal vibes and a vocal that shouts out to a different places in time.  The jaded will love it.  Abe Duque brings out the strange freak in everybody.

Abe Duque What Happened? (Original Mix)


Pascal F.E.O.S. – Technique (1999)

This double pack by Pascal Feos, The Essence of Minimalistic Sound from 1999 offers everything and carries a gritty edge to it that I love.  This track, ‘Technique’ offers a fist-in-the-air in a pound-it-out kind of way.

Pascal F.E.O.S. – Technique (1999)


Danny Tenaglia – Elements (The Chant) FULL TRACK

DT still epitomizes all that’s great about NYC, especially the weirdness which this track has a lot of.  When the bass-line creeps, it still gives me chills and brings me back to those days of debauchery.  He’s influenced me a great deal in playing what you love but when he’s at his most relentless is where my eyes and ears opened.

Danny Tenaglia – Elements (The Chant) FULL TRACK


Sven Väth – An Accident In Paradise [Remixed By William Orbit & Spooky]

I remember first hearing this on Sasha and John Digweed’s Northern Exposure 2.  Sometimes my personal after-parties included listening to that mix on headphones at home or in the car with the eyes closed.  It was always special when this came in:

[HQ] Sven Väth – An Accident In Paradise (William Orbit & Spooky Mix)

‘Deepak Sharma – Partition’ EP is out now on Hidden Recordings.