Fresh from picking up an award for Electronic Music Pioneer as one half of Masters at Work, Nick Coles grabs a few words with US House legend Louie Vega at this year’s DJ Awards, held at Heart in Ibiza this time around…



Hey Louie, how are you? what’s been happening lately?

I’m good, here we are at The DJ Awards. It’s been a great summer doing our party at Heart, we did 10 weeks and it was beautiful man. All of our friends came down, Henrik Schwarz, Moodyman, Soul Clap, Martinez Brothers, Masters at Work, Joseph Capriati…we brought the band!

You are in the running for House Master at this year’s DJ Awards, how does that make you feel?

Man, it’s like all my crew in that category I didn’t know who to vote for (laughs). I’m really excited and whoever wins on that list, it’s going to be beautiful. We are all winners anyway who have done a lot for dance music in general and it’s really nice to see all of us together.

As usual, Ibiza has experienced a lot of change yet again this year, maybe more radically in some areas. Is the magic still there for you after all these years?

It’s always going to be a magical island. I love the beaches, the people, the restaurants, the locals. Party wise? I think Ibiza needs just a little time with all the changes. You have different styles of music that you can experience when you come here, there’s still that variety. It’s all about what you like and where you want to spend your time when you come for 4-5 days. There are parties that are doing very well and others that are going through some changes. Everything evolves and it just needs time, everything always has to change. I miss a lot of the daytime stuff, like pools and beach parties, stuff like that. There’s less of them and/or they are restricted with sound, and for me there is a magic to doing things in the day! Also, it’s very expensive now, hopefully some of these prices will come down and we will see more of the club kids visiting the island again.

What’s been happening in the studio for you lately, anything exciting coming up once the season is finished?

Masters at Work man, Kenny and I are revamping the label, pulling out a lot of masters now and getting them ready for the digital world. We have over 1500 tapes and they are getting baked at around 20 every few weeks being transferred to digital, It’s a lot of work. We also have around 18 fresh tracks that are nearly finished, when they are ready they will come. We like taking our time and when it’s time everyone will hear and be able to buy in digital and vinyl form. I am also working with the Martinez Brothers, I had a single out earlier this year called ‘Shut the Door’, I have also collaborated with Joseph Capriati for a track on his new album. Kenny is working on various projects in his Dope Wax Label and also a hot new hip hop album with a well-known talented artist, so there’s a lot of experimentation going on and we are really excited about it.

You’ve been lucky enough to play many leading NYC hot spots back in the 80s including of course Studio 54. Do you ever wish you could go back to this era, if even for just a weekend? 

No (laughs)! You know, that was a great time. I was really young and I was having fun like any other young person, going to clubs with my friends, playing records. That’s a time that stays right back there, I love thinking about it, reminiscing. To this day I have people that are older now who I met then, and they still go out. It’s special what this music does to you, there’s something about Disco and House, Techno or Dance music in general that touches you, it sticks with you for years. It’s like a religion.

Tell us one thing no-one knows about Louie Vega? 

I used to work in a Pet shop, nobody knows that! (Laughs) – I don’t think there’s any other DJ who ever worked in a pet shop.

Finally, will we be seeing you back in Ibiza for 2019? 

Yes, we’re coming back and we’re doing The Ritual over at Heart, we are already thinking about what we are going to be bringing to this island. Last year we did 6 shows, this year it’s 10 shows and it just grows from there, everybody’s feeling good about it. I’m also here for my Glitterbox family, Simon Dunmore is a good friend of mine, Bob Sinclar is a good friend of mine, Black Coffee my brother, Jamie Jones & Nick, TMB. So, you know? When they ask me I’m here, I will do those guest spots here and there, of course Mambo also – I can’t leave one year without doing Mambo at least once. I did it just a week ago actually and it was so much fun. There’s lots to do here next year and we’re really excited, let’s just say get ready for a cross pollinisation, put it that way!

You can see all the winners from this year’s DJ Awards and keep up to date on next year’s voting by visiting their website…