Nick Coles caught up with hosts Graham Sahara and Katie Hayley Knight backstage at this year’s DJ Awards at Heart in Ibiza, to discuss awards, sobriety and cheesy game show appearances…


Here we are, 2018 DJ Awards, Graham you picked up ‘Best Ibiza DJ’ last year. How did that feel and what’s been happening since? 

I did indeed. It felt absolutely great you know, so many years I have been in the audience, watching friends, a lot of friends always thinking “always the bridesmaid, never the bride”. It was nice to finally get on stage and pick it up. A lot of people in the scene take notice of these things, it’s felt good!

Has it helped your presence as a DJ here in Ibiza? 

On the island, I suppose I should say yes really. I mean I’ve been here for so long, everyone knows me anyway. I’d like to think I’ve always been a good DJ, but it’s the icing on the top, especially for going away to other places. People look and go “ah he’s got a DJ Award, he must be good”, well, I was good before that (laughs). Everyone on the island, we all know what we like best, the island residents! So yeah, it’s been good!

Apart from not thanking your wife on stage at last year’s awards, you must’ve been well received as you are now compering them this year.  Are you nervous? 

I’m absolutely bricking myself, I’ve had to bring a spare change of underwear (laughs). It’s going to be good, Katie and I are going to be fine, we’re going to rock ‘n’ roll this I’m sure.

Is this your first time doing anything like this? 

Hosting an awards ceremony? Definitely yes, but I’ve been on TV before for a game show called ‘God’s Gift’. A really cheesy gameshow where a girl audience choose the man they most want to date. Yeah, I actually went on that – that was quite ridiculous. I also used to do amateur dramatics when I was a teenager, my mum was right into it. I’ve been on stage, sung songs, danced, I’ve looked a wally, this is going to be a breeze. I was in The Wizard of Oz too, but he always stood behind the screen, that was handy, it was a bit like radio (laughs).

The Awards are being at hosted at Heart this year, why the move from Hi?  


I think they just wanted something a little more intimate, closer. The problem with Hi, although it’s an absolutely amazing venue, you are quite far away from the crowd, especially in VIP.  They wanted to get people closer to the winners, more intimate and create more of a special feeling.


I would also hazard a guess, it’s to do with the date being a lot earlier this year. The problem is Hi and Pacha still have nights running on those dates, very successful nights and they don’t really want to change things for a one off. I’m not saying Heart don’t have great nights, but Louie Vega has now finished his night, quite often they finish after August when numbers start to drop on the island. It’s the ideal venue to take over when they have a free night, on a Tuesday and it’s absolutely perfect. for it. They are really good at managing the stage, I’ve worked with the guys there before and they are bang on, I think it’s going to be awesome myself!

How much work has been involved for you guys in this year’s awards? 


Well, we’ve had a couple of rehearsals, and that’s about it (laughs). It’s been fun, we’ve been going through the programme at Heart today.


We’ve got a script to stick to, I’m not going to stick to that and it’s going to be funny.

Graham, what will happen if you pick up ‘Best Ibiza DJ’ again this year, will you be presenting  yourself with an award on stage? 

(laughs) Well, there’s a few artists who have won several times in a row, so maybe it’s a start of things to come. Nah, I’m sure that’s not going to happen this year.

I have to ask again, have you lost your car at any point again this summer?  

I haven’t actually, no. Probably because I have stopped drinking, I haven’t had a drink for a year.

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Wow, a whole year?

How about that? Bet you never thought you’d hear that, you are speechless right? Haha…

Finally, is there anything else either of you would like to say regarding the DJ Awards 2018? 


Firstly, thank you to everyone that voted of course, and secondly it’s going to be a lot of fun. We’re very excited and honoured to be presenting such a special event tonight.


Obviously, it’s great people are showing their support by voting, but please keep buying their music. These guys need to produce more music in the future, buy more studio hardware and that’s not free. Please keep supporting the artists by buying the music.

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