Internet sensation Lovely Laura and prolific Ibiza DJ Ben Santiago have quickly risen to be one of dance music’s most revered and dynamic duos in the industry. With residencies under their belt for some of the biggest clubbing brands, and streams in the millions for their signature fusion of rich, energy driven grooves and addictive saxophone, the pair’s shared talents have proven to be a compelling combination. DMCWORLD checks in with this super cool couple as Ibiza gets ready to rock once again…


There seems to be a lot of buzz surrounding your recent announcement at Ibiza Rocks this summer! What do you have in store for the summer performances?

LAURA: A change! We want to become a lot more creative with our sets whilst also incorporating much more original material. We have some writing sessions planned and all being well we will be releasing some new tracks throughout the year. We will also keep in some of the favorites to keep everyone happy!

You’ve quickly become two of the highlights across the island with your spectacular sax / DJ combination. What do you think has been the recipe for your success so far?

BEN: It’s all chance and luck! There’s a lot of being in the right place at the right time and having luck to give you an opening. However, it’s down to you to combine that luck with hard work. Luck will give you opportunities, but hard work and performing well will mean you get asked back again.

Could you name one track that has been making the most impact in your sets recently?

BEN: Rudimental – Sun Comes Up (eSquire Remix).

LAURA: I would actually say our own track Just Want Your Body. We’ve been opening up our sets with that recently and it goes down really well. We just need to release it now!

Do you have any plans to bring in your own material to your performances this year? Are there any tracks your working on in the studio you can tell us about?

BEN: Yes! We are actually working on a bunch of tracks as we speak. There is a mixture of stuff in there, one rework of a classic, a very summery feel good track, plus one with a heavy horn top line. I’m really enjoying the creative process, but it is slow as these things take time.

Apart from Ibiza Rocks, where else are you most looking forward to performing this year?

BEN: We have just had confirmation that we will be playing at one of the biggest & best festivals in the world! We can not say where yet, but it’s a dream come true.

LAURA: Yes we are playing more festival stages this year so feeling very excited about that!

Outside of music, what are both of your other main interests (hobbies, sports or anything in between) ?

BEN: I love nature, so I like to go for walks or drives if I get any spare time. Either that, or the trusted favourite of curling up on the sofa with Laura and watching a great movie!

LAURA: Unfortunately I don’t get much time to do anything else other than music, but I love art and painting. I used to go to art college and one of my goals is to have my own art studio to get creative in… hopefully one day!

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