Marco B.

Electronic genre-breaker Marco B. returns with the anime-inspired remix of BlackKrystal’s ‘Waifu’. Released on Sony’s new imprint ‘Lost Rings’ which specialises in gamer music, Marco is making music for a rapidly expanding audience. We sat down with him to hear what he had to say…


Hi Marco, great to speak to you today. Firstly how’ve you been the last year with the pandemic, has it affected your musical plans at all?

I’ve been blessed! No complaints at all. The pandemic has however slowed down my plans to tour and do live shows but it’s cool because I got to just focus on making really cool music and connecting with more fans!

Was music a large part of your life growing up?

Most definitely! My father was in the music industry, my grandmother on my father side played piano and her sister sang opera. It’s literally in my genetic code lol!

What inspired you to get into electronic music and DJing?

Two songs are solely responsible:

Krewella – Alive Zedd – Clarity

Need I say more? Lol

You’re a self-confessed ‘Weeb’, can you tell us a bit more about what this means and how Japanese culture has affected your life?

You know, you’re not the first one to ask me that. I was asked that recently. So for clarity a “Weeb” is a nerd who is obsessed with Japanese Culture. I wouldn’t say I’m obsessed but I do go very hard for the culture of gaming and anime which is heavily influenced by Japanese culture. And Japanese culture has literally changed my life, from the way I view the world to the way I view myself in the world. And I LOVE that shit!

How has anime moulded the music you make?

Anime has always been an impression on my musical taste because the soundtracks for anime are just so imaginative, emotional, and epic af. And that’s the vibe I resonate with , so I’ve taken it upon myself to capture that vibe and reconstruct in a more mainstream format so I can share this amazing vibe with everyone! I want to share what anime has done for me with the rest of the world.

What inspired ‘Waifu’, your latest remix? Did you reach out to BlackKrystal or know each other before?

Yeah, I knew BlackKrystel before hand, I did a previous remix for her on her debut single “Party Up” so when her follow up single “Waifu” dropped it was only right I give that a remix too! I was digging the vibe of the original and I wanted to express and exacerbate the underlying anime vibe that the original song had.

Working with Sony on their new label ‘Lost Rings’ is an exciting step in your career, are you planning on releasing more tunes with them?

Yeah, it most definitely is an exciting step not just for me but for all WEEB/Nerd kind lol. For SONY to take a chance at establishing music artist and music presence in a quickly growing nerd subculture is amazing to me! Because their goal and my goal are aligned at this point. And I’m definitely planning on releasing more music with them, I’m looking to set the summer on fire with back to back Weeb/Nerd bangers!

Are you planning on DJing live any time soon, once it’s safe to do so? What can we expect from the rest of 2021?

I haven’t set out any plans to DJ live anytime soon, my focus has been solely on making a bunch of new music for the culture. So, for 2021 you can expect a Number 1 Billboard hit from this Weeb! Lol