‘Somebody Like Me’ -the massive new tune from the German producer on fire right now

Interview : Dan Prince

Méron welcome to DMCWORLD, where in the world are you today?

“I am currently traveling between Hamburg and Cologne where I have my studios and I can be found 24/7.”

A stunning new single causing mayhem on dancefloors everywhere! Please talk us through the sound and history of ‘Somebody Like Me’…

“I have always been longing for some old-school vibes in a modern way and that is what gave me the idea of making “Somebody Like Me”. Producing the track in the studio took me on a journey and I think it really tells the story: Dropping out of university completely freed my mind and made me happy as shit.”

When I told Guy Garrett in the Buzz Chart throne room I was interviewing you today he shouted…”his new tune is simply an epic piece of production, he is well on the way to steal Eric Prydz’s ‘epic crown’.” Thoughts on that little comment?

“I feel really flattered to hear that but stealing Eric’s crown has never been my intention at all, as I highly respect his music. In my productions I am always trying to put as much feel into the music as I can and I love the people to hear that.”

How old were you when you first discovered dance music, and who were the artists that first grabbed your attention?

“That was definitely Daft Punk with ‘Around The World’ when I was about 5 years old. I just went insane…”

When did the idea of a career in music first begin to form in your mind?

“Please don’t laugh, but everything started by discovering Magix Music Maker when I was 12 years old. That was so fascinating and addictive for me that I simply couldn’t stop producing: I knew I didn’t wanted to do anything else. It became even worse, when I got my hands on Ableton…The idea of an actual career in music came to my mind at the age of 16 when I was scouted by the Babylon World Management.”

You were very proud this week to add some NS-10 speakers to your home studio. Talk us through the studio…

“It took me a while to find good NS-10 speakers. Now I got the same sound at home as in the big Babylon World Studios with NS-10s and ATCs in Cologne. Concerning my setup, I love to take the best of both worlds, though, honestly, I mostly end up in using my analog synths.”

Away from dance music, who are the artists you love from other genres?

“I’m a huge fan of The Prodigy, Gorillaz, Michael Jackson and Aram Khachaturian.”

If you could spend a day in the studio with anyone, who would it be?

“Working with Deadmau5 would be an awesome experience for him haha.”

Not many people know this, but Méron is really good at…

“Chess, drawing, programming, table-tennis…and shopping new studio equips.”

What is the record that…

…reminds you of your childhood?

“Daft Punk – ‘One More Time’.” 

…always gets you dancing?

“My upcoming track with my buddy Alex Aark!”

…you wish you would have made?

“Faithless – ‘Insomnia’.”

It’s your birthday, who are the 3 DJs you invite to come and play?

Deadmau5, Pete Tong, Luciano…”

How would you describe your own sound?

“I would describe it in two words: energetic and soulful at the same time.”

How do you chill out outside of the studio?

“I don’t.”

And finally, what is coming out next from you studio wise?

“My next release will be with Alex Aark again and it will feature one of my most favorite singers in a very special way. Stay tuned!”


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