The new superstar signed to Revealed unleashes the massive ‘Arcadia’

Interview : Dan Prince

Joey welcome to DMCWORLD…where on planet dance are you today?

“Hey Dan! Im in my hometown of Rotterdam!”

Blimey, what a great way to start on a musical journey in life, one of your first tracks with Hardwell smashing into the Buzz Chart Top 3. Please talk us through the sound and history ‘Arcadia’…

“I couldnt wish for a better start of my musical journey. I had sent some tracks to Revealed earlier this year and they liked them, so later I sent them a draft of a new track and Hardwell liked the idea! He called me and asked for a collaboration. As you can hear in ‘Arcadia’, it has some beautiful chords and melodies in the break with the powerful Hardwell sounds. The drop is just straight banging’, you just need to jump on it haha.”

The tune debuted on Hardwell On Air on June 20th – were did you listen to the broadcast and did your phone instantly go crazy?

“I was celebrating my birthday that day in a local club/bar with a lot of friends! I counted down the hours till Hardwell On Air. My phone only had 1% battery power so I listened with a friends phone, so I actually don’t know if my phone went crazy. But when I got home I had a LOT of mentions on twitter and Facebook!” 

How did the whole signing to Revealed Recordings come about – and how good are the team at the label?

“As I mentioned, I sent a few tracks to Revealed in September of last year. First I got a reply saying they were good but not for Revealed, but a day later I got that mail from Hardwell saying he liked them and wanted to release a few songs. In the next months I sent a lot more stuff to Revealed and I signed another one. Then I got asked if I wanted to sign with Hardwell Publishing and of course I did! I must say Revealed is one of the best labels in this industry. Really professional and working really hard to get the best out of your tracks. I’m always really honored to release my stuff on Revealed!”

What is the best piece of advice Hardwell offered you, if any?

“He didnt give me any advice personally but if you saw his documentary, the best advice he gave the world is: if you can dream it, you can do it!”

You started producing house music at the age of 16 – you knew that dance music was going to be the path for you. What though is your earliest musical memory?

“I remember the first song I fell in love with was 50 Cent – ‘In Da Club’. Totally different than what Im listening to right now haha. I grew up with a lot of hip hop and rap music because that’s what me and my friends listened to.”

Who were the early producers / artists that first grabbed your attention growing up?

“Definitely 50 Cent as an artist and Scott Storch as a producer. I was a really big fan of 50 Cent! When I first started with Fruity Loops in 2007 I wanted to make hip hop songs like Scott Storch did, all his work was insane!”

What did your family think of your choice of career?

“In High School I was always a ’perfect’ student. I was really good in studying and always got good grades. I graduated with the highest grades of my class. So everyone was always thinking that I was going to become a lawyer or something…but no. I fell in love with house music years ago and producing was going better and better, so in 2012 I chose to quit school and fully focus on producing. Not everyone was happy with that decision because you don’t have a ’safe’ future without a university degree, but in the end the most important thing was as long as I was happy with what I was doing.”

It was your 21st Birthday a couple of weeks ago…how did you celebrate?

“I celebrated it together with two friends who also turned 21, in a nice bar/club and we invited all our friends! It was a great night!!”

What is the current top 10 you are spinning?

1. Hardwell & Joey Dale ft. Luciana – Arcadia (Original Mix)

2. TJR & VINAI – Bounce Generation

3. Showtek – We Like To Party

4. ALVARO & Joey Dale – Ready For Action

5. Leventina – Spellbound

6. W&W & Blasterjaxx – Rocket

7. Bastille – Pompeii (Audien Remix)

8. FTampa & Kenneth G – 97

9. Dimitri Vegas, Like Mike & Martin Garrix – Tremor

10. Krewella – Live For The Night (W&W Remix)

You recently rocked the No. 9 club in the world – Club Ocatgon in South Korea – what was that experience like?

“It was the best club I have played so far! Amazing sound, visuals and effects. Also a great crowd and a great team!”

You have also just completed a mini tour of India – what were some of the take home memories of that trip – they really know their music there huh?

“Yes they do! Crazy crowd every night. But the best memory is probably visiting the Taj Mahal. I had never thought that someday I would be there…”

Did you get a dodgy Indian belly????

“Yes I did

Not many people know this, but Joey Dale is really good at…

“FIFA. (I know some friends wont take this seriously).”

Who is the best new/up and coming producer you have seen lately?

“Julian Calor! He has his own style and brings amazing melodies in his tracks.”

Gotta ask – are The Netherlands going to win The World Cup????

“Hell yeah!!”

What is the record that…

…reminds you of your childhood?

“50 Cent – In Da Club’.”

…always get you dancing?

“Showtek – ‘We Like To Party’.”

…reminds you of being broken hearted?

“Trey Songz – ‘Missin You’.”

…you wish you would have made?

“Sebastian Ingrosso & Tommy Trash – ‘Reload’.”

What was the defining moment when you thought to yourself, yes Joey – I can make it in this crazy industry!?

“Last September when I signed two tracks to Revealed Recordings. I had been producing house music for more than 5 years now and no label ever replied to me or wanted to sign something, till the day Revealed gave me the chance! Since then my whole life has changed and Im loving it!!”

And finally, what is coming out next from you studio wise…?

“Got a new remix coming up on Revealed, a solo track on Spinnin, a collaboration with DVBBS, a collaboration on Armada and a lot of new stuff I’m working on!”