Hey Mihalis, thanks for taking the time to speak with DMCWORLD. Let’s start by focusing on some of your latest music, your latest remix for Claptone has been doing very well. What does it mean to you to be receiving such great support on your music?

This year has been great so far. Had the chance to release four singles with Green Velvet and have remixed Claptone for his label. Moreover end of year will drop a remix for my good friend Roger Sanchez. Of course working with people that have really influenced our scene is amazing but in the end the music is what matters. I’m really happy with the results so far so I’m celebrating by eating traditional souvlaki.

Your label Material, could you tell the readers about that and what you have planned for it?

Material is already 10 years old since we released our first vinyl. It’s been a long journey so far, with almost 150 release and counting. This year I decided to focus more on emerging acts I like to support, but that doesn’t mean that we wont have the well known Material regulars dropping some nasty beats on the label.

Who are your biggest musical inspirations?

A question that can not really be answered as I can’t compare artists that inspire me. There are tons of them from Dead Can Dance to Kraftwerk or JM Jarre to Portishead. Too many too mention.

You have a collaborative release coming out next month with Green Velvet, you have done quite a few now.  What’s its like working with a legend like Green Velvet?

Producing with Green Velvet is an experience that can not be descried with words. It’s like a masterclass with your best friend in this scene. In November we are going to throw our 5th single that is coming out on Relief so keep an eye out for it. What is really remarkable is that despite the music we produce we have so much fun, that even if we didn’t do any tunes together I would still enjoy hanging out.

You will feature in a special night from ON IT Recordings on Friday 19th October at the Amsterdam Dance Event. How excited are you to play alongside Green Velvet as well as a host of other great talents?

First things first! In 2 days we have the event with GV in Athens so I’m excited for that too! Amsterdam Dance Event shows are always unique as you have the time to do some special b2b sets. The line up is huge and I was a bit involved in making it happen so I’m over the moon with it.

What main challenges do you feel the music industry currently faces?

Jealously is a thing that creates a lot of issues not only in our scene but in general. I think that it’s something we need to watch out for. Music-wise there is a small decrease in the quality if you ask me, but that’s a good thing as before the kick comes back in there is always a drop!

Running your own label must mean you get to hear an incredible amount of music from many unknown producers. What tips would you give people who are submitting demos to your label?

Lately I’m listening to almost every demo we get together with my partner Keiner. Indeed we get at least 15 demos per day which shows how much people respect the label. Usually I am not fan of reading demo emails that do not have any background text (they have only a Soundcloud link). I would suggest to keep it short but at least put a small background like the labels you have released in the pat or what you have upcoming so we see what each act is targeting.

And finally, what’s one track that’s killing the dance floor for you at the moment?

Yvan Genkins – UGG