Mike Williams

Mike Williams

The newest star on the Spinnin’ horizon is here. World watch out…


Interview by Dan Prince

Mike a massive welcome to DMCWORLD towers…where on Planet Earth are you today?

Thanks! I’m at home in the Netherlands. I’m working on a new track in my studio at the moment!

The best piece of music you have heard today?

Birdy – Keep Your Head Up (Don Diablo Remix).

Well young man, to the outside world your career is only just beginning, but for those in the know we know you have been making serious dancefloor hits for some 7 years already! It is apparent that you come from a musical family…what are your parents backgrounds?

That’s right! Both my parents play the piano. We have a piano right in the middle of the living room. My dad started playing on several keyboards when he was young. Eventually we bought a piano.

At what age did the keyboard and piano first enter your stratosphere?

I started playing on a keyboard when I was 6 years old. My dad taught me some songs that he played. That’s how it all started!

And when did dance music first appear on your radar?

I think when I was 12 years old. Both my parents liked disco and some house music, that influenced me I guess. I started watching ‘tenminmixes’ on Youtube, where people were DJing in front of a camera. Then I bought a small DJ-set and started practicing a lot.

Was it a given that you would pursue a career in music or was there anything else you were interested in?

I always liked music but I wanted to become a pilot as well. That was my motivation to finish school, but in the last years DJing and producing became more and more part of my life. But still I managed to finish high school, it’s a miracle according to my parents haha!

How did you get your first DJ gig and who were some of the artists you played with back then?

When I was 14 I took some sailing lessons in the summer. My sister was already a sailing instructor and met a guy called Ruben. He organized events and invited me to play. That was my first gig in a club for around 500 people and I was really nervous. Ruben was happy and booked me for the next events as well, where also DJs like Alvaro, Yellow Claw and The Partysquad played.

What did your school friends and teachers think of your extra curriculum activity? Did they believe you, I’d imagine teenage superstar producers in The Netherlands is fairly common these days!

Well some of my close friends knew about my activities but most of the teachers did not. There were some other guys in my school that produced music as well, so I was not the only one.

Who would you say musically was your biggest inspiration in the beginning, who did you want to be? Avicii was a big inspiration for me at that time because of his catchy melodies.

2014 was a big year for you with a certain bootleg causing hysteria. Tell us the story…

In 2014 I created a bootleg of ‘Blame’ by Calvin Harris and John Newman. That was my first Future Houadsjkbkse track and it got picked up well! Also Oliver Heldens played it in his sets. I continued with this style and almost all my productions became popular in the scene!

How did the whole Spinnin’ Records hook up happen?

In 2015 I made a bootleg of ‘I Really Like You’ by Carly Rae Jepsen and reached 3,3 million plays on Soundcloud. Also I released 2 solo tracks at that time. From there on a couple of labels and management agencies approached me and that’s how I got in touch with Spinnin’ Records.

So, ‘Sweet and Sour’…talk us through the production of the track…

When I got signed by Spinnin’ I wanted to improve my skills before my first track would be released. I worked on a lot of projects, and also started on ‘Sweet & Sour’. I wanted to combine the energy from EDM with the groove from Future House. ‘Sweet & Sour’ was a project I finished relatively quickly. I had an idea in my mind for the drop: an easy melody that would get stuck in your head combined with a cool bassline.

Check the video here :

You go into a Chinese restaurant. Is a sweet and sour dish always top of your choices?!?!?!!?

Yes haha!

The 5 big tunes in your box this weekend…

– Tom Ferro ft. Sean Declase – Sound of Silence

Really like the groovy drop!

– MOTi – Turn Me Up (VIP mix)

Vocal is really cool and the drop is just massive.

– Brooks – If Only I Could

Melody and chords in this track are awesome.

– Twenty One Pilots – Stressed Out (Dave Winnel Remix)

All tracks from Dave Winnel are cool haha!

– Tom & Jame – Burn Down.

Drop is just amazing.

Tell us about some of the big DJ gigs in your diary coming up…

Well I can’t say too much about my upcoming gigs, but this year is going be awesome I think! I’m doing some really cool festivals in the summer.

Do you think 2015 was a good year for electronic music, how do you see it changing this year?

2015 was a great year for electronic music and I think 2016 will only be better! There are some really cool artists that will make their way in the electronic dance music scene this year!

What is the coolest thing you own?

Quite a boring answer but I think it’s my computer haha. I use it everyday to produce and listen to music!

The best piece of advice you have ever been given?

Don’t leave your passport in the safe when you leave the hotel…

And finally, what is coming out next from you studio wise?

A lot of new fresh solo tracks and a cool collab, ready to be released!

Thank you Mike. Appreciate your time…

It’s my pleasure. Thanks for the interest in my music!

Sweet & Sour buy link…https://mikewilliams.lnk.to/SweetandSour