DMCWORLD checks in with Remko de Jong, part of the team at new creative online agency Moon Jelly that has just launched at ADE…


Could you explain a little bit about the idea behind Moon Jelly and what it is that you think makes Moon Jelly stand out?

Well, we always say releasing music just isn’t good enough anymore. If you want to stand out in today’s digital world, you need to have a carefully thought-out marketing strategy. Plus the music business changed into a tech business. The biggest stars in the game have access to the expertise of their own marketing team, but for all the others, the marketing and branding know-how’s are scattered all over the place. Many are stuggling to cope with these changes and we are here to help them benefit from the opportunities the new music industry offers nowadays.

How do you envision Moon Jelly in 2 years?

Obviously we will be regarded as the real global marketing gurus within our industry 😉 But we would love to expand and enrich our content and services, from podcasts to staging live events.

Can you tell us what you have lined up for the launch at ADE?

To be honest the ‘official’ launch is more a gathering with drinks and bites for friends and industry insiders. The real launch is all about us giving away free press shoots for aspiring artists. So on Wednesday and Thursday we hired the famous Ali Mousavi to shoot artists who are subscribed to our platform and (upcoming) talent from labels such as Protocol and Hexagon. These artists most of the time don’t have the budget to shoot proper press shots so we thought we help them out as a way to promote our launch.

At the moment, Instagram is a major tool used in music marketing. Do you see any other mediums overtaking Instagram in the near future?

Instagram is massive and it’s difficult to say which medium will overtake them. Just don’t bet on one type of medium (remember MySpace?) We stick to the rule that you should be where your fans are, allso because there are territories where other media are still relevant or even bigger. In Asia you can see a lot of very interesting different socials. We have been in love with WeChat at our offices for a while.

There has been a big shift in dance music over recent years. How do you the dance music world developing over the next few years?

First of all the music business has changed into a tech business. Everyone can create, distribute and promote music. So we will be seeing a lot more creators and more digital curating initiatives to guide us through all those heaps of music. Besides that dance music has become a worldwide phenomenon and if those new markets mature they will have a big influence on the global dance music industry musically, but also on a business level. We might have to travel to Asia or South America to see the biggest artists at the biggest events.

Musicians and artists are moving more toward the independent route in terms of releasing music and marketing themselves, was this something you wanted to capitalise on with Moon Jelly?

Exactly… we saw a lot of artists struggling to find the right opportunities to market themselves in this digital era. We won’t say it’s easy, but you can really do it all by yourself. We’re here to provide them with the right inspiration, insights, tips and tricks.

What is your main goal for Moon Jelly?

Skyrocket everyone to the moon. Everybody deserves to be a rockstar!