DJ Unkut wins the first ever DMC Online DJ Champs

Congratulations to Unkut the worlds first DMC Online DJ Champion!

The crown rests in Germany!  

Hard luck to Ritchie Ruftone a brilliant runner-up and to those who hovered right at the top.

UNKUT will be one of a hundred DJs gathered in London on 6th and 7th October for the DMC WORLD DJ CHAMPIONSHIP FESTIVAL. But will the new DMC ONLINE DJ CHAMPION take the most coveted DJ title in the world? We just can’t wait for what promises to be one of the most exciting battles for years! (tickets available now from

Thanks for all your support. What we have witnessed is not the death of the turntable but the revitalisation of the ART OF THE DJ. Thanks to our incredible sponsors who took us at our word when this was just an idea, we will always appreciate your belief in DMC and your willingness to share this all-equipment platform with one another regardless of being in a competing market.

To all those who entered our thanks, you entertained an amazing 1 million viewers since March. To all those thousands who voted each of the 11 heats, a million thanks to you.

To all the competitors, your credentials as great DJs have now been endorsed by the enormous public voting system and the finest judges in the world, DMC World Champions who we also thank for their time which will have encouraged the next generation of DJs.

We know thousands of DJs have held back until they understood the nature of the ONLINE CHAMPIONSHIP!
Good luck to you all and we hope to see you back here next year going for the title DMC ONLINE DJ CHAMPION 2012!

Catch DJ UNKUT performing and competing LIVE at The DMC World Finals 6th and 7th October, Indig02, London.

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