‘Mas Que Nada’ sending the dancefloor crazy

MikaelMikael, welcome to DMC. You got into dance music via listening to funky house/hardcore when you were 12 years old. Most kids have their heads buried in computers or dreaming they are Fredrik Llungberg scoring goals – how did you find yourself listening to fluffy house/hardcore tunes at that age?
“To be honest it all started with the old classic Thunderdome happy hardcore stuff, which I found cool but not so unique. Stumbled over some Hed Kandi, Defected stuff and got hooked. All the other kids thought I was crazy cause I was listening to “slow trance”.

You also got into Hip Hop at an early age also, what artists were you giving props to back then?
“Yeah, I’m still really in to hip-hop to be honest. I really love the old NWA, Cypress Hill, Eazy-E and stuff like that. The new hip-hop really didn’t strike me as hard, but I did used to tour as a hiphop/rnb-DJ. Back then the commercial house scene in Scandinavia didn’t even exist which made hiphop/rnb the only playable alternative.”

What is the current top 10 you are spinning?
1. Ministers De La Funk ft Shawnee Taylor – Gravy (Antranig Remix)
2. Cazzette – Killmode (Original Mix)
3. Kid Massive, Sam Obernik & Jay Colin – Yawn (David Tort Remix)
4. Nari & Milani vs Richard Grey & Alexandra Prince – Mas Que Nada (Mikael Weermets “A Night At The Carneval” Remix)
5. Sandro Silva & Quintino – Epic (Original Mix)
6. Felguk vs Dirtyloud – Nudge (Original Mix)
7. Chocolate Puma vs. Major Lazer – Dub Of Boom De Floor (Matisse & Sadko Mash Up)
8. Dimitri Vangelis & Wyman – Roll The Dice (Original Mix)
9. Adrian Lux ft Lune – Fire (Mikael Weermets “Fire In The Hole” Remix)
10. Quintino – We Gonna Rock (Original Mix)

Massive remix of ‘Mas Que Nada’ smashing into the world famous Buzz Chart this week, tell us about your re-work on this monster track…
“First of all thank you DMC! It was a real fun project, the original mix the guys made is really funky and groovy, so i thought I´d dirty up the track a bit. Some squeaky and pitchy synths, some carnival-ish drum rhythms and two tonnes of sub bass! I also replayed the piano from the original Sergio Mendes-record. (And no, its NOT a Black Eyed Peas-record from the beginning). It all turned out really cool and the arrangement kinda did itself during the process.”

What were your first impressions of WMC and what are your plans for Miami next month?
“The first impression is that the big names rule, as always. The big names do the big events and attracts the big crowd. I decided to keep it in the pants this year and I´ve actually turned down the show offers for this year, feel more comfortable doing shows next year when I´ve released all the new stuff.”

Wow. Cool going! Okay, so tell us about Gothenburg – what do you love and hate about your home city?
“I love almost everything about Gothenburg except maybe for the club scene which isn’t very strong at all. We have a supercool brand called ‘Your Thing’ which is a very creative business who always does the big events with cool productions and such. Otherwise then that theres not much of a nightlife, there’s 2-3 clubs that are doing the electronic music for real and some other alternative things that are really cool. But the main concept of the Gothenburg nightlife is sadly Top40 in all its categories.”

How would you describe your DJing / producing style:
– My DJ-ing style is very different from others, as i come from hip-hop i like to keep things moving all the time, i play 100% my own edits/tracks & mashups, to give it that unique feeling. I only play records that i really like, and that varies from all genres. Don’t be surprised if i play a 10 year old record, my sets are built on music which i think is solid, not on releasedates.
Productionwise i don’t know what to call it, im really a moodproducer, i always do what i really want to do, i really don’t care about the boundaries of music. Many people were kinda shocked when the first record of last year that came out from me was a pop-record called “Time”. I believe in making music that way it should be made, not trying to keep things super-cool and sticking to the sound thats right at the moment.

What can you tell us about the rumours concerning your debut album on Kontor Records?
“I can tell you that I actually did a final 12-tracker which was printed in May last year, but never got to the market as I stopped it at the 11th hour. The album is still under re-construction and hopefully the album will be worth the wait. I´ve had the chance to work with so many fantastic artists, producers, songwriters and vocalists during the last two years, so even if the album won’t ever get released, I´ve gotten enough experience for a lifetime.”

2007/2008 saw you start to tour the world extensively as a DJ – what countries really blew you away for the first time?
“Oh god, so many amazing places I´ve been to. Some places that are really close to my heart are Brazil for their incredible hospitality, Poland for their incredible way of drinking straight vodka with a glass of water on the side (yikes!!!), and I do have such a weak spot for the Great Britain, the best people in the world!”

Mikael WeermetsYou have said in the past that you are a very emotional producer – care to elaborate on that statement?
It means that if you are collaborating with me during a 5 hour session, I will without a doubt hug you (kiss you if you’re really unlucky), stand up on my studio chair and dance, scream at Logic for crashing, sit under the table in a mental-ill-way, clap my hands, whistle, knock the coffe mug of the table and do some other very random moves.”

Okaaaaaay. Moving on, what new producers have you rated from the past 12 months and have you your eye anyone new for 2012 we haven’t seen yet?
“Ok, so here is the list and why…
1.   Andrew Phillips – THE groovemaster out of Liverpool, UK. Just discovered by David Tort and of the most talented boys out there at the moment.
2.   Dimitri Vangelis & Wyman – THE bigroom smashers from Sweden. Insane sense for melodies and atmosphere.
3.  Jay Adams – THE super-Dane! Coolest danish producer since Trentemöller, very unique and heavy dutchy/ravey-sound.
4.  KURA – THE latino 303-master. Will be the pride of Portugal very soon.
5.  Sick Individuals – THE new dutch guys and their groove patterns are here to stay, trust me. Minimum of 5 tracks from these guys in ALL my sets.
6.  Jerry Rekonius – THE multitasked. Whatever Jerry touches turns to gold. Knocks me out of my chair EVERY time I hear something new.
7.   Bauer & Lanford – THE songwriter/producer/genius-duo from my hometown Gothenburg. Loved by Tiësto, and me of course. Stunning sense for music.
8.  Michael Calfan – THE new French man to remember. You might know him from Resurrection on Axtone. Well, you haven’t seen ANYTHING yet!!
9.  Michael Canitrot – THE other french Michael to watch. From what I´ve heard from his debut album, this man is going STRAIGHT to the top.

Is the rumour true that you realised you had forgotten something very important when you landed at Malmoe airport on your way to your first ever big DJ gig?
“Ha ha, I laughed so hard when I saw this question! Dan, I can’t figure out how you knew that! Yeah, well let’s just say that if your doing a DJ show 4 hours away from your home, make sure the CD-case with your records are packed before you leave…”

Mikael WeeretsIt’s your birthday, what 3 DJs do you invite to play for you?
“Oh, this one is easy. To open the show I’d bring Loco Dice, my favorite DJ in the whole world when it comes to the deeper side of things. His sets are nothing but hypnotizing, impossible to stand still. On after Loco would be the no other then Mr Hardwell out of Breda. Not only his production skills but his DJ sets are fantastic, and for me, Robbert is the definition of the new age dancemusic. To finish it all off I would invite the DJ who will always be near number one for me, the number one inspiration of all times, of course Mr Tijs Verwest – Tiësto. Without his records I would never do what I do right now, and I feel so incredibly blessed for his support of my work. Dreams do come true if you work really hard.”

Discuss : In the modern era of dance music, Sweden has done for house music what the Netherlands did for trance and Germany for techno.
“Agreed! But at the moment, these damn Dutchies are doing a CRAZY job. Yeah, we do have a lot of great producers from Sweden, but my god, these Dutchies are brutal! And how many are there? Quintino, R3hab, Hardwell, Franky Rizardo, Nicky Romero, Sick Individuals are all “new”. And the ones already on top? They are coming, and they are coming fast!”

You have some massive festivals already booked for 2012 – where are you really looking forward to?
“To be honest, I haven’t even realized I’m playing some of the biggest festivals on the planet this year. We will be announcing some more REAL soon, and even though the contracts are signed, I still cant believe it. I’m super excited to play all of them, and I’m literally jumping up and down in my chair even talking about them.”

What do you think of the new work fellow Swedes Miike Snow are doing at the moment?
“Miike Snow is not doing at the moment for me, they are always doing it, and doing it big. Very unique and powerful stuff. If your readers are not familiar with what they are doing, buy all their stuff on iTunes, put em on your ipod and close your eyes. You´ll be hooked – I guarantee it.”

What has been the proudest moment of your career to date?
“This is the part when I can’t give you an honest answer. The last year has been such a blast, every week brings new news that makes me jump around and scream like a little child.”

What is the finest record you have ever played to a dancefloor?
“Roger Sanchez – ‘Another Chance’. My most emotional moment was though when I played PRYDA – ‘Waves’ in front of 6000 people at the end of my set. That was a tear-worthy moment.”

We come back to your house after the club – what is the Mikael Weermets Back To Mine 10 you spin us…
1. Mark Morrison – Return Of The Mack
2. Benga & Youngman – Ho!
3. Example – Dirty Face (Benga Remix)
4. Major Lazer – Bruk Out
5. Adrian Lux – Strawberry
6. Bauer & Lanford – Leave Me Behind
7. Rebecca & Fiona – Sleep Alone
8. PRYDA – Evouh
9. Bishop Lamont – Feel On It
10. Jim Jones – She Can Get It

It may not be cool for my image, but I really like…
“David Guetta. Yeah, yeah, yeah he did this and he did that. But you know what, in 10 years, we´ll be able to thank him for making Lisa from the suburbs like dancemusic and the culture. It starts with a David Guetta track on her ipod. Then its SHM, then it’s Skrillex. 1 year later and she is on the first row for your set at the club.”

Great answer! And finally – you have some massive collabs and remixes coming out – care to elaborate?

“I´d love to! But i wont. You´ll see soon my friends.”
Thank you Mr Weermets! Appreciate your time. Congratulations for 2012 – it is looking massive for you!
“Thank you Dan! And thank you for shooting ‘Mas Que Nada’ on the list! One love!”