Hi Paul, hope all is well on your current tour of the Mediterranean.  Exciting times yet again for yourself and Perfecto, Jonas Hornblad providing an excellent version of the classic Grace ‘Not Over Yet’ – an apt title for Perfecto, can you tell us what’s going on with this seminal label’s back catalogue, possible future releases and why did you feel now was the right time to bring back some of the Perceto classics remixed?

Paul Oakenfold - DMC World Network

“So we’ve always had a demand to release some of our back catalogue. I felt now was the right time with John Askew being newly appointed as manager of the label and having done a global distribution deal with Armada. Possible future releases are PPK, Man With No Name and Perfecto All-Stars.”

You are well known for your love of the whole Goa sound, your Perfecto Fluoro has just been relaunched – what is it about that whole sound that grabs you?
“I really love the spirit, energy and melodic sound that it has.”

What is the best Full Moon party you have ever played at?
“I have played at a few from Goa in India to Copangan in Thailand to so many parties in Israel, but I would have to say and without a doubt because of the location, The Great Wall Of China.”

You state that your new ‘Never Mind The Bollocks…here’s Paul Oakenfold’ double CD is a “straight up two fingered salute to all industry politics”. Can you elaborate on that?
“Not too much to elaborate on . It’s all about the music. This is the cutting edge sound of Trance.”

What do you think are the finest 5 Perfecto releases ever?
Robert Owens ‘I’ll Be Your Friend’, Grace ‘Not Over Yet’, Gary Clow & The On/You Sound System – ‘Human Nature’, PPK ‘Resurrection’ and Paul Oakenfold ‘Southern Sun’.

A handful of major DJs have just hit 50 and are still going strong – what are your views on DJs still DJing at 50 and beyond?
“I don’t think it’s about a number. I’m sure those DJs who have reached 50 are really still enjoying playing music and if they were not, I think they would be the first to know isn’t it all about the music.”

Who is the best Dj you have seen this year?
“I’ve enjoyed a few new DJs this year. But I like what Kenneth Thomas out of Detroit is doing.”

Which DJ do you enjoy DJing with the most?
“A Los Angeles based DJ named Zen Freeman.”

Labels like Perfecto and Stress Records had a very unique sound in their prime during the 90s, what do you think was the attraction of labels of this ilk at that time?
“You have just answered the question. I agree with you. The labels had a unique sound and that WAS the attraction Dan.”

What is your all time guilty pleasures song?
“Marvin Gaye – ‘What’s Going On'”

Your work with the likes of U2, Madonna, Michael Jackson, Ice Cube, Justin Timberlake and Radiohead has been well documented and well received. But has there been a moment working with someone when you have really had to pinch yourself and thought – is this for real?
“Producing Madonna, and then having dinner with Robert De Niro, Bono and a few friends. And an exciting night with the late Hunter S Thompson.”

Do you still get that spine tingling buzz when you take to the decks in front of a packed dancefloor after all these years?
“I do. I get very excited. I stepped out of DJing for a while to focus on scoring for films. I felt a lot of music at that time was repetitive and cheesy. I feel with my residency in Las Vegas and the music that’s coming out at the moment, it’s given me a new energy and drive to DJ and tour again. I’m really enjoying myself at the moment.”

What do you miss the most about living in the UK?
“I miss my family, friends and my mom’s Sunday roast.”

And what don’t you miss about living in the UK – other than the weather?
“The negativity. I don’t understand it and never will. We are a great country and we should all be proud of what we have achieved.”

What has been the most amazing gig you have ever played at?
“It’s hard to say. From being the opening act for U2 and Madonna on their World Tour to playing main stage at Glastonbury. My residencies at Ministry Of Sound, Cream and Home too. But going to America and playing Madison Square Garden and Hollywood Bowl were a big deal for me.”

What are the big 10 tunes you are playing at the moment?
1. Mogwai ‘Optinuum’
2. Sweet Fucking Dreams ‘The Joyriders’
3. Neelix ‘Expect What’
4. Federation ‘Synchronised’
5. Paul Oakenfold ft. RHCP ‘Otherside’ (Official Mix)
6. Mia Dali ‘Need You Now’
7. The King & The Thief – ‘The Blacksmith’
8. Thomas Gold – ‘Full Moon Paety’
9. Paul Oakenfold – ‘Full Moon Party’
10.Marcus Scossow – ‘Strings’

DMC are the proud owners of the Back To Mine series, if we came back to yours after a night out, what tunes are we likely to hear as we chill out or carry on the party…?
“You would hear anything from Stevie Wonder, Bob Marley, Massive Attack, U2 and a classic Frank thrown into the mix for everyone to sing slong to…”

What is the best club you have played at in 2011?
“Rain @ The Palms Casino in Las Vegas. It’s a coliseum with a fantastic sound system. What more could a DJ ask for?”

Once upon a time, you wanted to be a chef, what is your signature dish?
“A Sunday roast or a cheese and ham sandwich (LOL).”

What has been your proudest moment of your career to date?
“Being invited to Buckingham Palace by the Queen in recognition of being a pioneer of the scene.”

A question I’ve always wanted to ask DJ hierarchy, do you ever turn up at a gig these days and the place is empty?
“No, obviously. That would be when you should hang up your headphones.”

What is the best record ever made?
“The same as my ultimate pleasure record…Marvin Gaye ‘What’s Going On.”

And finally, music, film, fashion – what does the next 12 months have in store for us all from Mr Oakenfold?
“My artist album ‘POP KILLER’ which comes out next year which is all about the craft of a great song, a great singer and cutting edge beats. ‘Planet Perfecto Compilation will showcase new DJs and producers from around the world and with some exclusive new tracks from me.”

‘Never Mind The Bollocks…Here’s Paul Oakenfold’ is out now