DMC sits back and tries to have a political, educational chat with two of the hottest dance stars in the world right now – The 2 Bears. You can imagine the outcome...

Raf, Joe welcome to the brand new DMCWORLD Magazine. A pleasure to have you on board. Dance music needs characters like you, so how did this collaboration begin?

“It began at the bottom of the greasiest pole in dance music. In DJ boxes from Scunthorpe to Sydney.”

What artists were you both listening to growing up that led you into the world of dance music?

“‘Now That’s What I Call Music 14 – our highlight was Paula Abdul – ‘Straight Up’.”

What was the first record you both bought?

Raf – “Paul McCartney & The Frog Chorus – ‘We All Stand Together.’”

Joe – “Throbbing Gristle – ‘Hamburger Lady.’”

On the back of your Southern Fried ‘Bear Hug EP’ release, you have just started a mammoth live tour spanning the whole of Europe. Where are you most looking forward to appear?

“In Brixton with Horsemeat Disco for our planned ‘Bunga Bunga’ Party on November 5th.”

Joe, you’re part of Hot Chip and the DJ crew, you’ve DJ’d at the ‘We Love’ day and night session at Space, what did you think?

“Only been there once! Thought it was alright.”

Favourite ever festival experience?

“Playing the Other Stage at Glastonbury with Hot Chip as the sun set.”

What are the big 10 tunes you are playing out at the moment?

1. Virgo 4 – ‘Underground’ (Caribou Remix)

2. Green Velvet & Russoul – ‘Millie Vanillie’

3. Oliver $ – ‘Doin’ Ya Thang’

4. Metronomy – ‘The Bay’ (The 2 Bears Remix)

5. Cajmere & Russoul – ‘Spinnin’

6. Joe Goddard – ‘Gabriel’

7. Unknown – ‘Sicko Cell’

8. Levon Vincent – ‘Man Or Mistress’

9. The 2 Bears – ‘Bear Hug’

10. Junior Boys – ‘Banana Ripple’ (The 2 Bears Remix)

DMC are the proud owners of the Back To Mine series, if we came back to yours after a club, what 10 back to mine tunes would we be treated to?

1. ‘Don’t You Know’ – Jan Hammer

2. Sweet Freedom- Michael Macdonald

3. It was a very good year- frank sinatra

4. Feel so real- Steve Arrington

5. Change- The Glow of Love

6. Tony Lee- Reach Up

7. Get Thy Bearings- Donovan

8. 93 til Infinity- Souls of Mischief

9. Fisherman- the Congos

10. Slowly Surely (theo Parrish mix)- Jill Scott

Your chosen name The 2 Bears came about because of your facial hair and nothing to do with a particular bearded gay culture. So, have you ever shit in the woods?

“I like to but I live in Peckham so it’s tricky.”

Describe your radio show on Ministry of Sound…

“Like Bob Dylan’s Theme Time Radio Hour but more wise and bad tempered.”

You have been in and around clubland for a long time, what pisses you off with club culture today?

“Loud music.”

So you are on the way to a festival abroad and on arrival at the airport, your bags with all your music has gone awol. Three DJs on the same bill offer you their tunes – Grooverider, Dave Pearce and Sven Vath, who’s kind offer do you take up?

“The mighty Grooverider, every time.”

Would you bare all for a top shelf mag?


What’s the best record ever made?

“‘Astral Weeks’ by Van Morrison.”

What’s the best film ever made?

‘Grizzly Man’.

What’s the best club you’ve ever played at or partied at?

“Basement Jaxx @ The George IV.”

And finally, funniest moment you have had in your bear suits out and about?

“We were DJing at John Malkovich’s 60th birthday at Plastic People and Raf was mistaken for a real bear and tazered by an over zealous security guard! He’s still got an occasional twitch.”


The 2 Bears Live Shows


12th – Lethargy, Zurich

19th – Green Man – The 2 Bears present Bunga Bunga in the Far Out After Dark tent at Green Man festival. With The 2 Bears, Horsemeat Disco, Pilooski

20th – Death Disco, Glasgow

26th – Toddla T Album Launch Corsica Studios

27th – AMP Creamfields

28th – tbc Carnival Party

30th – AMP, Amnesia, Ibiza


3rd – tbc Electric Picnic

9th – Mixmag. The Garage

11th – Bestival

17th – Audio, Brighton

23rd – Annie Mac Presents WHP


21st – Annie Mac Presents, Oxford

29th – Bunga Bunga, London

Stream the latest ‘Bear Hug’ EP here –  out on Southern Fried now:

Videos for ‘Bear Hug’, and ‘Behind The Scenes Of ‘Bear Hug’’ are available here:
Bear Hug:
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