One of last year’s smashes getting some serious reworks…

This week sees the release of the full remix package of one of last year’s most essential records; Noir & Haze’s ‘Around’. Back to re-take Ibiza by storm with fresh remixes from Rudimental, MURK and Habischman, we caught up with the record’s original producer Noir to talk touring, upcoming projects and how it feels to have your original work reworked by some of the biggest names out there.

It’s been a while since we last spoke…how’s the summer treating you so far?

“Crazy busy. I’m touring heavily this year and only have 1-2 days at home per week, sometimes less if I’m far away. So there is not much time for productions and studio work, but a lot of great clubs, people, parties and memories.”

So…‘Around’ has come back round again…what do you make of the remixes?

“I think the new remixes are pretty dope. It’s hard to top what Solomun and Subb-an already did, so I am glad Defected found some producers who could take the track in another direction rather than trying to copy what has already been done. The main thing is I (and Defected) wanted to keep it deep, cool and very Noir and I think that’s what we have achieved with this.”

The Habischman remix was your selection correct? How did you come across him?

“Habischman is an artist from my label and I feel he is very talented (got a couple of singles coming with him on Noir Music). I like his approach, arrangement and ideas in his productions. They are cool, different but not too leftfield. Both and Defected and I felt it was a good idea to get his take on the track.” 

Which of the remixes tends to work best in your sets?

“Let me put it this way…if I don’t play the Solomun remix people are usually disappointed.”

The original has been remixed many times now… is it a hard thing to see so many people change your original production? Or do you see it as flattering?

“I don’t like to do overkill on a track because of its success etc. So when we all agreed on a release on Defected I have to say I was a bit skeptical about getting more remixes done cause the one’s we already got were so good. But in the end I think it all worked out really well and I am proud of the many versions collected on the Defected release. It’s always exciting to hear where other producers are taking your productions from the musical parts and moods you created yourself, so it’s more exciting for me than hard necessarily.”

The latest release on Noir Music was an exceptional EP from Hot Since ’82.. tell us a bit about him…

“Daley Padley (Hot Since ‘82) and I go way back. He took a break from the industry and from producing music a couple of years ago and came back with fresh ideas and a new name. I instantly fell in love with what he was doing and we have a great relationship with him at Noir Music as I believe in him as an artist. On the plus-side, is also he is a terrific guy too, love him to death .”

You’re playing for Defected at Pacha for the first time later this month… what can people expect if they come to see you?

“Lots of energy and lots of L.O.V.E. Deep, emotional music mixed with straight forward and simple house tracks. New exciting tracks mixed with classics from a 25 year back catalogue. I never really plan what to do and how. I always do things spontaneously which is needed to keep your motivation high if you play as many sets per months as I do.” 

You just got back from Brazil…how was it?

“I love Brazil. It’s my fifth tour there and this one was the best so far. I got to play some amazing places and it was all really well received. People are not afraid to express their love for what I do as an artist and with my label, so I was feeling a lot of love there. I also manage to have a two day stay at a luxury hotel with time in the sun, by the beach and in the pool, so I really enjoyed all of it.” 

Last time we spoke you were hoping to get some time in the studio to work on your album… have you succeeded?

“Sadly, no. I have been working on a couple of tracks, but when you are only home a couple of days per week you don’t get much studio work done. I plan to take some time off in the beginning of 2013 to finish off the album. In the meantime I will be working on the various ideas I have whenever I get the chance. Right now I am working on two different tracks, both with male vocalists.”

Anything else you’d like to tell us…?

“Just thanks for all the support out there. Without the fans, the music lovers and followers I wouldn’t be here.  I truly appreciate my position in the industry and try to enjoy every moment and give back via my DJ-sets, touring, via productions and hopefully my album soon and of course my labels Noir Music, NM2 and the ‘Noir Recommends’ podcasts. L.O.V.E. to everyone…see you in the clubs.”

Around (Remixes) is out now

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