Amsterdam based producer Oded Nir kicks off Summer 2019’s soundtrack with his classy new album ‘Rooftop Conversations’, packed with classy selections of chilled, Jazz, Funk and soulful creations. DMCWorld checks in with the man with massive hair and massive grooves to find out more….

A huge welcome to DMCWORLD Oded Nir, where on planet earth are you?

Happy to be here! I’m actually in sunny Amsterdam where I live!

For those of our readers that might not know you, please can you introduce yourself.

I’m a Author / Composer, producer, remixer and a bass guitar player originally from Tel Aviv, but I’ve been based in Amsterdam for a lot of years now. My sound moves from Chill Out and Lounge to Soulful House, Funk and Deep House. My trademark for over 10 years now is the combination of electronic beats and live warm instruments. mostly my bass lines, because groove is my thing  and I’m the proud owner of Suntree Records .

What is the best piece of new music you have heard recently?

I liked Ralf Gum new ‘Progression’s album, he’s done a great job with it.

Which came first for you, instruments, Djing or producing and what was your first release?I started out as a bass guitar player and developed myself over time also learning electric guitar, synths and piano. I spent most of my early years in Rock, Blues and Funk bands, then later I started producing Chill Out and Trip Hop and then on to Djing. My first digital release was in 2009 with a remix I made for Silvano Da Silva for a track called ‘Rising’.

Congratulations on your 2nd artist album ‘Rooftop Conversations’, what delights have you got in store for us this time and what was the concept behind this album?

Thank you, I worked hard on it for a year! You can hear an authentic blend of who I am as an artist, from House music, Funk, Soul, Ambient, Blues and Downtempo. This is the concept of the album as well, warm sounds that come out from a combination of electronic sounds, live instruments, and vocals.

What’s the meaning behind the title ‘Rooftop Conversations’?I grew up on a rooftop where I’d partake in lots of jam sessions high in the sky, so its basically a musical conversations between artists and their instruments high on top of the city. I actually really like the name.

The album features a lot of interesting collaborations, please tell us a little about who is involved in the project?

I had the opportunity to work with great artist on this album, which was very exciting. There’s well known jazz artist Saskia Laroo on trumpet on the title track ‘Rooftop Conversations’ brought her magical vibe to the track. ‘App Time’ features Kirsten Berkx, a young and upcoming singer who featured on the 2017 The Voice of Holland, representing the talented new generation on the project  US jazz vocalist and piano player Warren Byrd brought his Scat expertise to ‘Thats The Scat’, the Dutch sax player Cece Noir did a wonderfull job on ‘Amsterdam Nights’, which was first single from the album. Then there’s American singer Chappell with an updated version of our 2014 single ‘Again & Again’, and Amsterdam’s MC King Dread James who I worked with on my debut LP on the track ‘Power Of The Hair’, and let’s not forget Richard Earnshaw who mastered the whole album and been the responsible adult the whole year throughout the project.

Were there any interesting stories or funny moments that came up whilst putting the album project together?

I rented a house for 2 weeks in the countryside in the south of Holland and moved my studio and my cat over there, it was a really isolated location, which was very beautiful but actually pretty boring too. However, being far from any excitement really did me good and I was able to just stay focused on making music and let creativity flow. I’d actually really recommend it to any artists to try this old school maneuver it brings great results!  

One of the singles from the album is called ‘Amsterdam Nights’, has living there shaped and inspired you musically?

Amsterdam has had a wonderful influence on me, it has the most diverse mix of nationalities living there  and gives me the opportunity to connect with many different people from different cultures. The people and the beauty of Amsterdam basically gives me all the creativity I need to make my music, not to mention that the Netherlands is one of the leading nations in dance music today. And of course there is ADE. I’ve been putting on ADE label events for over 11 years now and have worked with some great artists, labels and djs. All said, Amsterdam is just a brilliant city to live and work in.  

In a hugely singles driven market these days, as an artist why do you feel it is still important to release full albums?

I have been very busy with making singles since my first LP was released back in 2010, I didn’t feel the need to make a new album because, as you mentioned, its been a singles driven market. But I think of an album as a story and my story has changed in the past 9 years and felt it was important for me to tell it.  I also believe  that the market as changed again with the stream world becoming so influential in the world, people are back listening to albums again with the stream services. I think now is the time for albums again.

Any tips or advice for aspiring songwriters and producers looking to embark on creating their first album?

Yes! Don’t follow trends, follow your own creativity! Honestly, do what you feel is right for you, that’s the reason you started to make music, no?
You’ve been running your own Suntree Records label since 2009.

What’s been the most successful release on your catalogue and your own personal favourite?

Our first release called ‘Moonlight’ actually came out in January in 2010. i started Suntree to have a home for my downtempo productions that back in the electro/minimal days didint have much demand.. it developed to be a good thing and we have many artists today. The most successful releases were my single ‘Into Your Heart’ with Richard Earnshaw’s legendary boogie remix (2012) and the first single from my new album ‘Amsterdam Nights’.

How do you see things moving musically for the label in the future?

Actually I’m pretty happy with the development of Suntree in the past 10 years, I would love to see more new and different artists joining in with their downtempo, Soulful, jazzy and melodic deep house. I would also love to release more artists full album since i believe in that format. We’ve got a couple of new musical bombs coming in 2019/2020 , something to look out for.

What part of your job do you enjoy the most, writing and producing or Djing and why?

I think writing and producing is my favourite, but since I’ve been performing live with my bass guitar during my DJ sets, I really enjoy them more. The live elements are really my thing and i cant disconnect myself from them.

We come to raid your record collection, which embarrassing record do you chuck out the window before we arrive?

“Club Tropicana drinks are free…” I think that one.

What record makes you say ‘damn, I wish I made that’?

Wow it’s a long long list, but ‘Disintegration’ by The Cure, ‘Synchronicity’ by the Police and ‘Good Life’ by Inner City are all up there!

What are your 3 current top tunes?

Julien Jabre –  Swimming Places ( Purple Disco Machine remix) Moon Rocket, Re-Tide – People EverywhereD.C. LaRue – Cathedrals (Joey Negro Remix).

Who is the best bass player in the world?

There is no best of the world, as they are all so different, but as you’re asking, my choices would be Marcus Miller, Bootsy Collins and Larry Graham – its all about the funk baby!

Finally, what else is in the pipeline for you that you can share with us?

I’m now working on a music project for the sync market and already starting to plan my 3rd album, I can’t stop writing and creating, I need it like air!

‘Rooftop Conversations’ album is out now on Traxsource Exclusive . Full release May 10th 2019 on Suntree Records.