A stunning start to 2018 as the big releases continue to drop for this on fire producer. Next up? The Drumcode Festival that’s what. DMCWORLD checks in…


Hello Reset, how are you?

I’m good thank you.

Where and when are you playing in the near future?

I’ve got some great shows lined up. ‘CAVE RAVE’ at Arts Club, Liverpool, ‘Dom im Berg’ in Graz, Austria, and a few I can’t say anything about just yet but I’m very excited about them. I’ll be announcing some info very soon.

What artists/albums are you listening to right now?

Taylor Swift.

We’ve noticed you are a bit of a Drumcode regular. How did your relationship with Adam and the Drumcode crew kick off?

I sent him some music years ago. He signed some tracks and things rolled on from there. I was a fan of Truesoul and Drumcode, so signing those bits was a big deal. We have continued to keep in touch and I send Adam music regularly. He’s happy to chat about music and gives some good constructive criticism.

Your latest release on We Are The Brave is a bit of a banger, how did your relationship with Alan and the label come about?

Alan and I have been friends for many years, ever since our school days. Doing something for We Are The Brave was only natural.

Tell us about your creative process when you’re in the studio.

I like to kick my day off with a coffee! At the moment, I’ll turn all of my machines on and start having a tinker on the Elektron Machine Drum or Korg MS2000. I also like to get some sounds going within Reason so I sometimes start messing around with samples. I like putting music loops into the Redrum and changing the start point and pitch and adding different effects. You can get some really interesting textures and hooks this way.

Are there any other Reset Robot releases on the horizon we should know about?

Nothing locked in as yet but there will be plenty more music from me this year. Watch this space.

Tell us something about you not many people know…

I help run a label called Ear Rot with my friend Tom Powell. Tom does most of the work but I do the mastering, help with the A&R and write a lot of music for the label. We release electronic music of all kinds.

What was the first record your bought?

Mariah Carey – Honey.

If you weren’t a superstar DJ, where and what would you be?

I don’t class myself as a superstar DJ. If I wasn’t doing my music I would probably be a gardener, cooking in the kitchen, running a restaurant or making beer…