The king of the Space Terrace unleashes ‘Rockerfella’ – the first anthem of summer 2013

Interview : Dan Prince

Welcome back to DMCWORLD young man, another summer and another massive track smashing up dancefloors everywhere. Talk us through your ‘Rockerfella’ track…

“It’s all been a bit mad really, there’s been a stream of DJs and clubbers coming up asking what it is. The first time I road-tested it was at Pacha London, the response was amazing, one of those hair standing up on your neck moments. I got the idea from an underground record I was playing back in 2005’ish, I then set about writing it specifically for the We Love Space Terrace. There are lots of DJ Charts coming back with at No.1, so I’m really chuffed.”

As you just mentioned, you are renowned for road-testing your new tracks to destruction before release. How long has this been doing the rounds and where has it received the best reception other than Pacha London?

“I only finished it recently, so it’s still very early days.  I’m sitting on a flight to Ibiza as I type this and have a batch of USB keys fully loaded with ‘Rockerfella’ and some other productions that I’ve just finished.  I’ll be making sure everybody from the residents to big guest DJ’s have a copy over the coming week.  It was the biggest track for me on the Sunset Terrazza Arena @ We Love Space a few weeks back.  I’ve also just finished a mix with a slightly deeper vibe, looking forward to it’s first airing at We Love… this Sunday.”

When I told someone in the office I was interviewing you this week, he said, “oh good old Rob, the nicest person in the industry”. Sure you’ve heard that before Rob…

“That was very nice of them to say that, there are some great people working in the industry as well as plenty of sharks.  I’ve always treated people how I would like to be treated, I’ve met some amazing people and have a right laugh doing it. Ask the guy at the office to send me over an invoice too, jolly decent chap!”

What is the current top 10 you are spinning?

“Here’s my Top Ten ‘Released Beatport’ Tracks…

The great thing about house music is that is tends to have 6-12 month cycles with new styles coming through all of the time. What is getting you excited about house music right now?

“There is some quality music about right now. The deeper, edgier stuff through to quality, melodic song based productions. Ok, so we have a very 90’s House Feel going on to a degree, but I love the fact decent songs are being used again as well us some very strong, driving, heads down underground tracks…right up my street.”

Who are some of the hot new producers giving you goosebumps at the moment?

“I’m chuffed to see Daley Padley doing the business under his Hot Since 82 moniker, we did quite a bit of work with him on Phonetic, I always knew he was very close to really taking off.  I also seem to be playing a lot of material from Emerson Todd, Maceo Plex, Solomun, Flow & Zeo.”

You are back in Ibiza this Sunday, spinning for the mighty We Love…at Space. From a DJs point if view, what is it about this club night and venue that makes it such a match made in heaven?

“For me personally this is the perfect promotion at the best club. Mark and Darren have spent years honing the We Love…vibe, the line ups are second to none. The shows are educational yet entertaining, creating a perfect balance for the We Love…crowd. There’s a real family feeling to their parties, as a DJ the crowd are there for a musical journey, and as WL so eloquently put it ‘Exploring Avenues of Electronica’. The whole WL…team are really professional always working with a smile on their faces. I’ve been lucky enough to play some amazing clubs over the years, but to turn up and be whisked away to the office upon arrival, get paid and given drink’s tokens before you play, was a first. That pretty much sums them up.”

When making a new record, how important to you is imagining how the tune would go down on that famous Terrace?

“It’s something I’ve always done, when Leiam and I wrote and produced ‘The Soulshaker’ under our Max Linen guise, we did it in Chicago at Mark Picchioti’s studio in January, the coldest place I’ve ever been to. Our guideline for the track was that it would have to go off on the We Love Space Terrace, it’s been the same for every production I’ve ever done since. If I don’t get that vibe on a new product, I wouldn’t release it.”

What is the greatest experience you have ever had behind the wheels of steel in Ibiza?

“We Love…delivers everytime, the sound, the crowd and the atmosphere. The Clockwork Orange days at Es Paradis were really special, playing the main room at Manumission was always great and it’s good to see Bora Bora standing the test of time and still going strong, just with a handful of residents. I also love the secretive parties at Es Vive and those naughty Villa parties under a full moon. Some seriously crazy nights.”

What is coming out next from you release wise…?

“I’ve been beavering away in the studio, more so than ever before. It’s such an honour to be asked to headline the Sunset Terrazza Arena. Of all of the clubs I’ve played and the records I’ve produced, they are all definitely part of the foundation to be invited to headline We Love Space. Pretty much every DJ you speak to around the world will tell you it’s their dream gig. Therefore I wanted to make sure I had several new productions none had heard ready to unleash. The result being ‘Chick’s On Acid’ featuring JLG, followed by ‘What’s Happening?’ with Keithen Carter of Max Linen fame on vocals. I’m just finishing a song for ‘Rockerfella’ with Stella from The Creeps, I can’t stop listening to it, she’s delivered something quite special. We’re also revisiting my beloved Max Linen ‘Flashback’ with remixes from Pirupa, D33P, Daley Padley & exciting new kid on the block StereoJuice.”

I remember you returning from a tour in the States late last year and you remarked that the EDM scene in America is just like going to a commercial club, people expect big record after big record. That thankfully seems to be changing these last couple of months musically?

“I’m not due back out to the States till the end of the year, it’ll be interesting to see how the scene has developed there. There have been some big producers and amazing music coming out of the states over the years, although you always hear these guys saying how tough it is out there. Maybe this is a turning point for Ol Uncle Sam.”

Tell us about the next events you are involved with in the UK…?

“I’m really proud about the parties Scott Cuba & I have done with WeArePhonetic & MiCHiKO. It’s quite rare to have a gay/straight party that really works with fond support from Press & Radio. We’ve tried to take the best elements we’ve experienced from around the world and incorporate them into our events. Check some of the videos out online for an insight. I’m also thinking about setting up a party where all of our friends, colleagues are involved, a word of mouth kind of thing. Getting some of my favourite DJ’s to play alongside me, but you’d never know who was playing until you turned up on the night. Could be very interesting…”.
Last great album you heard?

“I’m now sitting by the pool in Ibiza as I write this answer…the Spiritually Ibiza Album has just finished. That takes some beating, I’m not sure you can even get your hands on it now. It’s a MUST album if you can find it, it’s a taste of true Balearica.”
The film you can watch over and over?

“A toss up between Goodfella’s, Scarface, Stir Crazy and Zoolander. I reckon I’ve nailed the blue steel look.”
The person from history you would most like to have a pint with?

“Elvis and Cassisus Clay. Working with Sir Tom Jones was quite special too.”

And finally, your tip for the anthem of summer 2013…

“So far, I haven’t real heard an absolute stand out track, that you know will turn into an anthem. But it’s early days in Ibiza, I may have a better idea by the end of this week.”

Rob Roar ‘Rockerfella’ is OUT NOW:

No.4 DMC Buzz Chart…”What summer House Music is all about, big smiles and raised arms across the floor”

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