Having found his place on the scene through years of graft and a residency that saw him hone his inimitable house and techno-leaning sound and style to perfection, Ronnie Spiteri is a name on everyone’s lips for all the right reasons. Fresh off the back of a summer residency for Do Not Sleep at the iconic Amnesia nightclub in Ibiza, Ronnie now brings us his debut album – True Music. Dropping in two parts, the release is a true ‘tried and tested’ statement of intent that will cement Spiteri as one of the scene’s most exciting producers. DMCWORLD jumps right in…



You’ve had a pretty busy summer by the looks of things – is there a show or moment which stands out in particular?

Yeah, it’s definitely been busy! It’s gone by so fast though and the shows have all been amazing so it’s hard to pick just one, but I think that the very first show in the club room at Amnesia will definitely be a moment that stays with me. It’s such an iconic venue and I don’t think there’s a DJ out there who hasn’t dreamed of playing in that room, so when I got behind the booth I had to pinch myself a bit.

Having a residency at Amnesia is a pretty big career milestone, has it been everything you expected it to be?

Definitely – and more. It’s hard to know what to expect before starting a run of shows like that, I mean, there’s not much you can compare it to really is there? It’s been great to be able to play all summer and having the DNS crew at every event, it becomes more of a social than a job and everybody there – whether behind the scenes or on the dance floor – is there to enjoy themselves, so the vibe is pretty unique.

For many, Ibiza is a chance to escape from reality, yet it’s now an integral part of your job – do you still see the island as a chance to party, or has it become something else when you visit?

A bit of both really – I’ll still always look forward to Ibiza to have a good time, but I can now see how important it’s going to be in pushing my career to the next step. The profile and opportunities that playing out here provides is huge, so there’s always that thought in the back of your mind that you need to focus on making sure each set is the best you can make it, and not getting carried away in the party until you’ve finished playing. When you’ve got a crowd who are probably only on the island for a few days and they’ve made the decision and spent the cash to come and watch you play out of everyone else on the island, I think you’ve definitely got a responsibility to make sure they go home thinking it was the best set you’ve ever played.

The end of the season also marks the release of your debut album, True Music – would you say that this is a good representation of what people can expect from a Ronnie Spiteri set, or have you taken a different direction sonically?

It’s 100% a club-ready album. Everything on there has been tried and tested this summer in Ibiza and it just felt right to put it out as one body of work to mark the end of the season. I see it as a kind of mission statement – a snapshot of what I’m all about musically right now and so yeah, you can definitely expect me to be playing the music in my own sets. Maybe one day I’ll be able to do something a bit more experimental or leftfield, but right now – it’s all about the club for me and that’s what True Music is a reflection of.

The album definitely features a few different styles across the house and techno spectrum – are there any particular producers which you think influenced your sound?

Yeah for sure – most of my peers that I grew up with and look up to influenced my sound; I’m always out networking and keeping good company with all of the top guys at their gigs so I take my experiences from there and my own gigs and look to apply all that when I get in the studio. Guys like Alan Fitzpatrick, Danny Tenaglia, Carl Cox, Sven Vath, Richie Hawtin, Adam Beyer have always inspired me.

Albums have always been a great opportunity for dance music producers to try something new or different – are there any electronic albums which have had a big impact for you personally or stand out for some reason?

Most definitely, in recent times I would say that Hot Since 82’s ‘Little Black Book’ on Moda or a bit further back Daft Punk’s ‘Random Access Memories’ have both stood out as being different and pushing something new and exciting. Back in the day, The Orb with ‘U.F.O.rb’ was one which I listened to countless times and still do – I think that any album you can come back to years later and stands the test of time is one worth holding onto.

The line between producer and DJ is becoming increasingly blurred – do you find it easy to tour and produce?

To be honest, you have to find time – you don’t really have a choice; I have a proper studio set up at my house, which is where I do the bulk of my work, but there’s always time to sketch ideas on the move or in hotels. You’re right though, people expect you as a DJ to make your own music when years ago that wasn’t the case at all. It’s definitely changed people’s value of music I think, and music seems to have become more of a marketing tool for a live show or DJ set, which is frustrating when you understand how much time and effort goes into production and learning that creative skill.

Speaking of touring, you have a number of shows lined up for the Autumn in support of the album – are there any which you’re looking forward to in particular?

I’ve got two Do Not Sleep shows in the UK at the end of the month in Leeds and London which will be great to see everyone and round off the season, then I’m at elrow and ANTS in Southampton in October, and I’ve just been announced to play on Alan Fitzpatrick’s We Are The Brave weekend of shows in Scotland in November which is definitely something I’m looking forward too. Oh, and the small matter of NYE, which I can’t give away quite yet, but trust me it’s gonna be a belter of a gig!

And finally – where do you hope to see yourself this time next year, as summer 2019 is coming to a close?

Who knows! Hopefully sipping a Pina Colada on my manager’s balcony in Ibiza and looking back on another successful summer. I’ve got plenty of new music due to drop early next year and a few big announcements to make once the summer is done and dusted, so keep an eye on my socials.


Tracklisting :

True Music (Part 1)

1.Ronnie Spiteri – True Colours

2.Ronnie Spiteri – Eloise

3.Ronnie Spiteri – Universal Plum

4.Ronnie Spiteri – Once In A Life Time

5.Ronnie Spiteri – Throat Muscle

True Music (Part 2)

6.Ronnie Spiteri – Changes

7.Ronnie Spiteri – Psychopath

8.Ronnie Spiteri – Rising Sun

9.Ronnie Spiteri – Once In A Life Time (Techno Mix)

10.Ronnie Spiteri – Shadow In The Mirror