Sam Skilz

Unleashing a bumper remix package of his smash with Terri b! ‘Reach Out’, we check in with Luxembourg’s No.1 House Head


Interview by Ratha Gud


Hi Sam welcome to DMCworld! Where are you in the world right now?

I am in Luxembourg right now preparing for a gig this Saturday in a big private corporate event for Vodafone.

What was the first piece of music you heard today?

Hahaha nothing to do with House Music! My son woke me up with a song from Coldplay ‘All I Can Think About Is You’, actually it’s a beautiful and lovely song.

How would you describe your sound?

I try to blend the straight house music, mixed with tech, driving bass lines and anthem big vocals such Michel Weeks, Roland Clark, Terri B! or Barbara Douglas to shape my trademark sound.

You’ve just dropped a whopping remix package of your ‘Reach Out’ single, how did you go about selecting the remixers and what can we expect to hear?

I was looking for a specific sound that also fit to my Terrace mix. A summer garage groove, an old school flavoured jackin’ gem and of course a driving techy beat to cover all the hours. The Dutch producer Benny Royal, Barcelona’s Zonum and the Manchester’s Kleen Kutz with G-Base did the right work for me.

How did you hook up with Terri B! and have you plans to work together again in the future?

Terri and I have been collaborating few years ago on another single with my buddy Lenny Fontana on a single called “Window To My Soul”, we have been performing together in few gigs over Europe. I love her and it’s so easy to work with her. She has so much good and positive energy, she delivers quality work and of course I am a big fan of her voice! I am sure that we will hit the studio together again…

Your forthcoming single with David Bernardi ‘Anarchy’ on Krafted Digital has just featured in our Ibiza Buzz Chart, tell us about the release?

Yes! I am so happy for the support we got from you guys! This is a great start for the summer. The Label Krafted did a great job as well in promoting the track before the release. “Anarchy” has the Dark side of my music production, heavy baseline, straight beat and hypnotic vocals. I have really enjoyed producing it with David Berardi. Paul Sawyer made a fantastic Techno remix for the late nights. This is going to make some noise this summer without doubt.

What was it like working with David, do you prefer collaborations or to fly solo? What are the pro’s and con’s?

David has a great talent and he is very easy going! All you need for a great collaboration! Actually I like most collaborating. This brings me more inspiration and also allows me to escape a bit from my own routines. You will always try something different from what you will do alone and you know, you’re always surprised with what you end up with.

Who else would you most like to make a collaboration with or remix for?

Actually, they are many, but for the vocals, I need to hit the studio with Barbara Tucker. We have already been talking about it and it may comes sooner than we think. I would love to remix Todd Terry, he has the perfect sound to remix. Bring the old school to the Nu School.

How do you set about writing tracks and what are your favourite studio toys?

I write every single track in my head before getting into the studio. For a  week or two before I to a lot of music. Not necessarily house music, but everything. Cubase pro and Sylenth are my partners in crime!

Any plans for an album soon, what else do you have coming up?

To be honest, I ‘knot thinking to make an album as the music moves so fast that I am afraid that an album could be a waste! I prefer  making singles or EPs. “One starfish at a time”. I am working on new single with my man Roland Clark on vocals and really excited about it. Last year we had a blast with our remake of “Resist” and now I want something fresh and groovy.

Tell us more about Gaga Records and the artists who feature on the label?

Gaga aims to support and promote a varied roster of innovative artists, producing exciting, fresh and groovy House/Tech music and sometimes Techno. The label is dedicated to support new talents as well as bringing the hits with established producers such Lenny Fontana, Eddie Amador, Dany Cohiba, David Penn, Jonathan Ulysses, Mr. Mike, Nick Fiorucci and Groove Salvation to name few…

Who is currently rocking it on the Luxembourg scene and who should we be on the look out for?
Actually Miss MAD, she’s a new talent who is really rocking the dance floors in Luxembourg. Cool style with great skills and top music. I am watching her 🙂

Looking back, what piece of precious advice would you give to yourself when you were first starting out as a musician?

1- Don’t try to copy anyone. Get inspired by your favourite artists, but make the music your way.
2- Don’t try to do everything yourself. Producing, mixing and mastering. Get the right people around you to make your track sounds professional. Better to do one great track than 10 awful ones.

We come to your house and raid your record collection, which embarrassing record do you need to chuck out the window as we arrive?

Hahaha! I will start with my own first productions!

Which record makes you say “Damn, I wish I’d made that”?

If I go old school, I would say “Turn On The Music” by Roger Sanchez. The reason I made a remix which has also received big support from Roger himself.

Which festival do you dream of playing at and which big events are you most looking forward spinning at this summer?

I would love to play at Sonar in Barcelona or Awakening in Holland – fingers crossed! Mamaia Beach in Romania is going to be my hot spot this year, among other bookings  in France, Germany, Morocco and of course, Luxembourg.


‘Reach Out’ (Remixes) is out now on Gaga Records