Back To Mine with Monty The Fly

We’re going back to mine. I imagine the night will start off light-hearted and easy and then we’ll slowly descend into confusion, taking a bit of a rock detour along the way.


WAR – Slippin’ into Darkness

I’ll kick things off with a nice slice of funk. The bassline says everything that needs to be said about this track.



Bassekou Kouaté & Ngoni Ba – Musow Fanga

I love the energy and emotion in this track, the Ngoni solo in the middle gets me going every time.

Bassekou Kouyate & Ngoni Ba - Musow Fanga


Keith Hudson – Hunting

Heavy and moody, dub. Really trippy and nice. I just wish it was a bit longer!

Keith Hudson - Hunting


Goat – Dig My Grave

60’s inspired psych rock from Goat, one of my favourite bands.

Goat - Dig My Grave


Matthew Dear – Earthforms

Again, the bassline says it all… One of those tracks to blow the cobwebs away.

Matthew Dear - Earthforms


Camera – Skylla

Camera are everything you want from a Krautrock band. If you ever get the chance to see them live then take it.


Ian Simmonds – The Ice Waltz

Dark, moody and trippy vibes from a true artist.

Ian Simmonds The Ice Waltz


Fabio Frizzi – Sequence 8

The title sequence to Zombi 2, one of the greatest films ever made.

Fabio Frizzi - Sequence 8


Shackleton – Music for the Quiet Hour

Strap yourself in for this one. The whole piece is about and hour long and it’ll do things to your brain.


Robert Ashley – Automatic Writing

One of the most powerful, subtle, mysterious and unique pieces of music on the planet. Don’t try to make sense of it, just let it suck you in and see what happens.