Sander van Doorn and Julian Jordan

Sander, Julian welcome both back to DMCWORLD towers. Your new tune has just smashed to the top of DMC’s Buzz Chart Ibiza chart – can you both talk us through the tune, when was it completed, where was it first played out, describe this monster?
Sander: “We finished this track about two months ago in my studio and I first got the change to play it out during the Ultra Music Festival in Miami. After Ultra, I played it in every single show and it became one of the highlights of my sets. Everybody is asking me about the track ID at the moment.”
Julian: “I got an invitation to come down to Sander’s studio and as you can imagine I couldn’t believe he asked me. A week later I was actually sitting next to Sander van Doorn working on a new track, which we finished the same day! Two weeks later I was sitting at home with some friends when the guys from Spinnin’ send me a video from Sander playing it for the first time in front of 10,000 people at UMF in Miami. Insane!”
You have both had an incredible start to the year, ‘Nothing Inside’, ‘Rock Steady’ and ‘Oxford’ all exploding out of your studios. How did this collaboration team begin?
Sander: “When I received a promo copy of ‘Rock Steady’ I was very impressed that a guy who’s only 16 years old can produce such a quality track. It kind of reminded my of the time I started making music and I found a lot of similarities in his production, so I had the feeling a collaboration could work out really well.”
What do you admire about each other’s productions skills?
Sander: “His overall creativity and the way he builds his arrangements.”
Julian: “In my opinion I think Sander is one of the best house producers of the world. He has a very diverse and powerful sound, you never know what he comes up with next.”
What are the big top 10’s you are spinning right now?
1.     Sander van Doorn & Julian Jordan – Untitled [Doorn]
2.     Sander van Doorn & Mayaeni – Nothing Inside [Doorn]
3.     Julian Jordan & TV Noise – Oxford [Spinnin]
4.     Eric Prydz – You [Pryda]
5.     Nari & Milano – Atom [Size]
6.     Ralvero – Rage
7.     Cedric Gervais – Molly [Spinnin]
8.     Savoy & Heather Bright – We Are The Sun (Savoy Remix) [Spinnin]
9.     Tony Junior – Feelin’ Kinda Strange [Spinnin]
10.  Eitro – True Story [Doorn]
Julian – we love how your association with Spinnin’ Records began…please tell us the tale…
Julian : “A couple of months ago I was contacted by, what turned out to be, a fake Spinnin’ Records. I was very happy that my favorite label wanted to sign a track(Lynxed) of mine so I signed the contract, which was completely fake using official Spinnin’ logos. This same track appeared in the Beatport top 10 overall charts under a different Artist and title. The whole story got picked up by several blogs and a day later I got a phone call from one of the guys at Spinnin’ inviting me to come down to the office.”
Sander, Pete Tong has had his concerns about the state of dance music especially with American and the billionaires joining our party. Live Nation buying into Cream last week proved his worries. What do you think is going to happen to EDM in America and potentially the globe over the next few years now that the Dollar has arrived on the dancefloor?
Sander: “EDM is exploding in America and nobody can stop this. I think it is a very good for house music in general. This will reach so many new people and cultures so I think it’s a positive thing.”

What are your plans for Ibiza this Summer?
Sander: “Definitely looking forward to be back on the island doing gigs each week during the summer. Bring on the sunshine! For my full summer schedule check my website
Julian: “I hope to be there very soon since I’m hearing great stories about the island.”
What is the finest record you have ever played to a dancefloor?
Sander: “For me personally that has to be my new single ‘Nothing Inside’, which is #1 on Beatport at the moment. People are singing it along when I’m playing it out which is absolutely phenomenal.”
Julian: “I’m preparing my first shows, but before that I have to finish my final school exams.”
What is coming next studio wise this year?
Sander: “Working on several new tracks in the studio at the moment, maybe even a new album…who knows!?
Julian: “My new single with TV Noise ‘ Oxford’ has just been released on Beatport and is doing really well in the charts. I’m also finishing up some remixes for several labels.”
Boys – what is the best piece of advice your parents gave you that has helped lead you to glory?
Sander: Do the things you love the most in life, follow your passion.”
Julian: “Likewise!”
What is going to be the anthem of the summer? No choosing your own records!
Sander: “Loving the new track by Firebeatz together with Chocolate Puma, the track really stands out from the rest of the tracks right now. Keep an eye out for it!”
Julian: “I really like one of the tracks I’m remixing right now. It’s a real summer anthem. More info soon.”
What producers around the world are you giving high fives to at the moment?
Sander: “Bingo Players, Julian Jordan, Inpetto, Firebeatz, Tony Junior…”
Julian: “Netsky, Zedd, Madeon, Skrillex, Sander van Doorn, Nicky Romero, TV Noise and many more!”
Best club you have rocked in 2012?
Sander: “I already had so many great gigs in 2012 but the last one I did in the Mansion Miami was insane. It was completely sold out and the energy was amazing.”
Julian: “My bedroom!”
What is your idea of a perfect Sunday…
Sander: “Spending quality time with family and friends, washing my car and mowing my lawn.”
Julian: “Working on new records as I’m very busy with school during the week.”
What has been the proudest moment of your career to date?
Sander: “So many great moments, but the most recent is my #1 record on Beatport with ‘Nothing Inside’.”
Julian: “Signing with Spinnin’ Records, my first release, support from my DJ heroes, hearing my track on BBC Radio 1 played by Pete Tong and of course my upcoming collaboration with Sander.”
If you hadn’t become a producer – what job would you have ended up doing?
Sander: “Probably a music or artist manager.
Julian: “I really don’t know.”
And finally, what one thing about yourself do you wish you could improve on?
Sander: “Stop smoking!!”
Julian: “Spending more time on homework instead of my music. But I’m afraid that’s not gonna happen this year.”