No stranger to success, Secondcity’s previous club killers have grown into anthems that everyone has come to know and love. His record I Wanna Feel eventually became a UK #1 single that initially originated from the underground house scene before gaining mass appeal. Since then, he’s released on acclaimed house music labels including Green Velvet’s Relief Records, Mark Knight’s Toolroom imprint and most recently Elrow. Following on from his Beatport chart topping Can You Feel It EP, Secondcity returns to Sola with a brand new single in the form of Tomorrow’s World….DMCWORLD checks in with the main man…


Rowan a huge welcome back to DMCWORLD. Where in the world are you today?

Back at home in London this week, before my Fabric show on Friday.

The best piece of new music you have heard this week?

Seb Zito – Garvage. It’s a brand new tune that I love and I’m currently playing in all my sets.

Following on from your Beatport chart topping Can You Feel It EP, you return to our dancefloors with a brand new single in the form of Tomorrow’s World. Please talk us through the sound and history of the track…

Well I’m really into FloorPlan/Robert Hood at the moment and I find it fascinating how he finds the perfect line between techno and soul. So I was listening to a great sample, and thought it had potential to be its own record. I spent three hours in the studio working on it and it almost sounded like a dub track. It was quite a simple process that didn’t take too long, I wanted to make something that was really fun and I think I definitely achieved that with ‘Tomorrow’s World’.

You gave the track exclusively to Hi Ibiza residents Camelphat and Solardo to roadtest…why did you choose these four ruffians with your dearly beloved music to premiere to the world?

Solardo were the first to have the track and they’re good friends of mine so I sent it to them straight away. In the first listen they were already on board to sign it. CamelPhat actually got in touch with me directly, Solardo were already playing it and they saw how much hype it was getting so wanted to play it out too. That was a great feeling and was really exciting to see.

Tell us about your summer, where have some of the stand out gigs been for you?

Definitely Lost Beach Club in Ecuador! It’s actually been the stand out gig of my whole career as well as the summer. Being able to play an eight hour set to 2000 people on a beach is something I will remember forever, hands down. Other highlights have to be of course ANTS in Ibiza and Hi Ibiza with Black Coffee.

What are your thoughts on the state of the music scene at present. Are we in a good place musically, is there too much music out there, are enough people still making jaw dropping tracks?

I personally play a lot of older music, that’s where my influence has come from for all the music I produce. The new music I receive is either from my friends or people I work with closely. Most of the time I try and focus on my own thing and what works for me for me, I find that more helpful.

What was the last tune you heard and thought ‘shit, I wish I’d have made that!’?

Wild Child – ‘Jump to my Beat’

Always wanted to ask you this. You once worked in advertising and also as a broker but gave up the suit and tie to give the music a go 100%. Do any of your old work colleagues ever come to your gigs, or have you left that part of your life way behind?

My old manager and a previous colleague of mine came down to one of my gigs the other week. I keep in touch with a lot of them and we’re still good friends, it’s great to see them come down to shows when I’m playing in the UK. I enjoyed my time with them in that previous career, but when I was working I was always dreaming of what I do now and no other job will ever come close to it.

Your mum used to be a fitness instructor in Chicago, which is how your ears discovered house music thanks to her session sounds. How does Secondcity keep fit in 2019 then, all those plane meals and late night hotel snacks can’t be good for the waistline?!?!

I love to play basketball twice a week to try and keep my fitness levels up.

What is a great piece of advice you can give to young producers just starting out?

Find your own sound and passion, make sure it’s something you love and stick to it. Also, networking is one of the most important things, continue to meet loads of new people to try and increase those opportunities because it will definitely help a lot.

It’s your birthday – who is the DJ you book to play at your party and who is the famous chef you ask to make your cake?

Paris Hilton gets to DJ and Ainsley Harriott is in the kitchen haha!

And finally, what is coming out next from you studio wise?

I’ve finished loads of new music recently so I just need to start sending it out to people and labels, I have a new release coming out on Circus in the early part of next year, and hopefully I’ll have another release coming out on Sola as well.


Tomorrow’s World by Secondcity from the SOLA050 series is out now via Sola