Stereo Express

Stereo Express is a German live artist and producer who is at the top of his game right now. Past releases on the esteemed imprints like Kittball Records, Suara, and Stil vor Talent are a testament to that, and his recent single “Fading Time” on Brazilian label Ame Records is fast rising up the charts. We caught up with him to find out how he’s been reacting to this tough year, and how excited he is for his latest single…

Hey Stereo Express, great to meet you! How are things with you?

Considering the situation we are living in, quite good actually!

Obviously 2020 has been a tough year for many artists, but how has it been for you on a personal level?

This year is a big challenge for all of us. 2020 was planned to be one of the biggest years of my career so far, so it was a bit hard to confront this situation that we are still facing right now, but it is what it is. We can be sad and angry about it but still it doesn’t change anything about the situation. So I’ve decided to stay very active. I’ve made a lot of new music, developed my brand new LIVE show and I used the extra time to start some new projects which were on my bucket list.

Tell us about your new single “Fading Time” feat. Felix Raphael out on Ame Records? Who or what inspired it, what’s the vibe?

I don’t make many vocal tracks anymore but when I heard the voice of Felix I knew I wanted to work with him. I invited Felix into my studio and we worked on a few ideas I made before. I wanted to communicate some nice melancholic vibes but still positive emotions so we started to brainstorm. That’s how Fading Time came to life, and now we are happy that the track is already rising towards the top of the Beatport charts.

And how did your relationship with the label came about?

Actually I had a South American tour planned in May 2020 and Ame Club would have been the highlight of that tour. As we saw that they just started their own label we (my team) thought it would have been a nice opportunity to combine a release on their label with the tour. Unfortunately Covid changed the plans a little bit. The tour will be postponed to some time in 2021 but we decided to release the track anyway and I am happy that we did it.

How do you feel about the rise of illegal raves – a return to the 90s independent spirit or a different context?

It shows that as humans we are social beings and that the need of gathering, exchanging and sharing emotions is bigger than whatever challenge is facing us. We have to understand that this is a universal human need that needs workable solutions so we have to change and come together in a respectful and responsible way.

Should dance music be social and politically charged or more about escapism?

Music is a universal language and it connects people. Especially in difficult times like these I think it’s important to express our feelings. In these times we face a split in our society with more than 1 million opinions about rights and wrongs. Art and music in particular are able to keep our society together because they allow us communicate to everyone and create common accordance that brings us together. I think in art you are pretty free to do whatever you want as long as it supports tolerance and respect towards each other.

What have been some of your favourite shows and moments as an artist to date?

Playing my LIVE show in the 1000 years old and sold out Cisterna in Istanbul last year was definitely one of my biggest highlights of last year.

What else have you got coming up for the rest of the year?

I have a very nice collaboration coming up in October with Einmusik on his label Einmusika, and later this year I am planning my next release on my own label Love Matters.

Stereo Express’s “Fading Time” featuring Felix Raphael is out now on Ame Records

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