Back To Mine with Eights Everywhere

With the recent release of his meticulously produced, dark techno and acid-infused Daemon EP on Sacha Robotti’s Slothacid imprint, Eights Everywhere has certainly put his stamp on things. Letting his music do the talking for now, the secretive producer hasn’t revealed much about himself online, so to get a better idea of who Eights Everywhere is, we asked him to share some of the tracks we’d be hearing if he invited us back to his…

Artfaq – Telephone Days (Gai Barone Remix) [Yang]

Gai Barone has some special magic in his tunes. I heard this one recently on a bike ride and fell in love with its tight groove and spacey atmosphere. Such a motivating track.

Artfaq - Telephone Days (Gai Barone Remix)

Cari Lekebusch – Moonstruck [H-Productions]

Probably my favorite track from Cari Lekebusch and I love this impact of his music on the dance floor.

Cari Lekebusch - Moonstruck (H-Productions, HPX108)

Frost – Overtones [Anjunadeep]

This one really sends chills down my spine. Feels good to switch it up and play some inspirational breakbeats at just the right time.

Frost - Overtones (Official Music Video)

Barker – Look How Hard I’ve Tried [Ostgut Ton]

The sound design in this track is really inspiring. Insanely great sunrise track that really puts me on my heels.

Barker - Look How Hard I've Tried [O-TON112]

Reset Robot – Bark Orders [Ovum Recordings]

This track has that kind of feel that makes you want to groove around the dance floor and make new friends.

Industrialyzer – Project Mantis [Groove Matters]

This one is a real heater and another great track I’ve thoroughly enjoyed biking to during the quarantine.

Industrialyzer - Project Mantis

Datassette – Polyhedron Navigator [Central Processing Unit]

Inspired by this track in many ways, so clean and refreshing.

Datassette - Polyhedron Navigator [Audio] (4 of 4)

Konstantin Sibold & Kosme – Cyclone [Afterlife Recordings]

Got to love a track that takes you on a journey and this one really does it for me.

Premiere: Konstantin Sibold & Kosme - Cyclone (Original Mix) [Afterlife Recordings]

Pig & Dan – Vangelism [Elevate]

I play this track out all the time and it still feels fresh like the room just opens up into a new experience for everyone.

Dan Sieg – Moonstruck [Silk Music]

Another great track for really switching up the vibe. I’ve played this even up around 128 bpm and it still sounds so right.

Dan Sieg - Moonstruck [Silk Music]

Coil – 5-Methoxy-N, N-Dimethyltryptamine: (5-MeO-DMT) [Dais Records]

It goes without saying that this track is beautifully trippy and relentlessly meditative.

Coil - 5-Methoxy-N, N-Dimethyltryptamine: (5-MeO-DMT)

Eights Everywhere – “Daemon” EP is out now via Slothacid

Eights Everywhere – “Daemon” EP

Sacha Robotti’s Slothacid imprint continues to carve an impressive niche for itself by providing a platform for tomorrow’s talent with another weighty release, this time in the shape of the acid-tinged “Daemon” EP by the mysterious Eights Everywhere.

Out August 28th, the two-track EP kicks off with “Daemon” – a dark, techno cut that is brimming with analogue synthwork layered over a rolling groove. Sparse percussion compliments the stripped-back electronica and summons the memory of a darkened dancefloor – if you’re looking for the perfect example of a club-ready track, this is it.

“Daemon exists in the background, unknown to the primary user, somewhere between the infinite and personal perception. Daemon embeds itself in the technology between the quantum mind and human experience.” – Eights Everywhere

Completing the release is the impactful “Acid Elbow” which steps things up a gear and is designed to rattle the ears with a seriously low-end bassline which drips in suspense. As the track builds, effects and industrial synths make way for the anticipated 303-style acid sounds which as always, are the star of the show and promise to keep clubbers hypnotised to the very last beat.

“Much of the inspiration behind Daemon & Acid Elbow comes from experiences at Burningman, Desert Hearts, Symbiosis, & Lightning in a Bottle. I think I might have actually first met label boss Sacha at Burningman after a close friend of mine had said I should connect with him over music. He’s such an approachable down to earth person with a good heart it definitely makes releasing this music under Slothacid feel all that much better.” – Eights Everywhere

Eights Everywhere