The Best Of 2012

The Tunes

This was an interesting year when you started to realise that the EDM craze is not really about the music as much as it’s about exposure so looking back at what I’ve played, I’m picking three ones I  have played a lot this year with a smile…

2 Guys In Venice – Midnight Run/Nano
Chris Lake – Sundown (Laidback Luke)/Ultra
Redoche – All I Need (Matt Joko)/Eyzcreem

The Festival

I did a couple this year and even though they weren’t the biggest ones on the planet, I enjoyed them a lot. Best one I did was the Nectar Festival at Hard Rock in Las Vegas in June

The Club

Avalon, Singapore
Absolutely mad cool. I also really like the layout of The Grand in San Francisco

The Producer

The guy just makes good music and cares less about genre or trend. Very impressed with him

The Hero

As they awarded me as a writer of my 20 year old bass line for Robin S ‘Show Me Love’. Felt really great to be officially regognized as a writer and not just a remixer after twenty years

The Breakthrough Artist

For the same reason I like Madeon. Less genre and more song writing

The Prediction For 2013

Music with personality will be back. A lot of people will demand that DJs make a little more effort on the bigger festivals. The light show should be secondary to the music