Talla 2XLC

The trance master general getting us through the Rush Hour

Interview : Dan Prince

Talla welcome back to DMCWORLD. Where in the world are you right now?

“I am in my hometown Frankfurt in the centre of Germany mate. Had a relaxing day and watched “Ironman 3” at our local theatre.”

Massive respect for the new ‘Rush Hour’ tune, talk us through the record…

“I did that track with one of my friends and partner Tobias who DJs as Cold Blue. At the moment I mostly like to produce either big room uplifting or slower progressive tunes. ‘Rush Hour’ was planned as a faster pumping uplifter and I am really happy with the result. It’s an old school meets nowadays soundtrack and that’s what I like. A friend of mine said: ‘this is what trance should still be – it retains what the genre was years ago, and yet also retains the current production soundscape without bleeding into stereotypes or boredom.  Call it that perfect blending of two worlds’. I agree!”

Word drifts down to DMC that you are currently working on 2 collaborations? Care to elaborate…

“Actually I am working on much more like that, but I can´t reveal everything. What I can say though is I am working on a psy tune which I´d like to offer perfectly, I will work on collabs with Photographer (they did such an amazing remix job on my last single ‘Rise’ and I have just finished a collab with The Thrillseekers called ‘Fracture’ with remixes by Sebastian Brandt, Darren Porter and Jo Maddox. Whilst As we speak in this interview, Armin van Buuren has just played it as a premiere in his radio show. You both have an exclusive!”

Trance is in very good shape in 2013. Where are some of the new territories you have enjoyed visiting this year?

“The year is still young Dan. There´s a lot of travelling to do in the next few months, but my favourite one so far was my trip to Taiwan. It was my first time there and I played 3 shows, one of them with Bobina from Russia. The vibe was amazing. As Germany is really spoiled and currently staying away from trance, I love to see the energy in countries where the scene has just started to explore this wonderful genre.”

What can you tell us about the tracks on the new Technoclub 42 mix?

“I am always climbing a mountain on my mix cds. That means I start with 130 bpm progressive tunes and heat it up step by step until I reach the top with 138/140 uplifting sounds. People love that kind of trip and I do it with big joy. The guest DJs always can do what they like, if they mix more uplifting, I do more progressive and vice versa. I think that makes the CD more interesting and not boring.”

Who are some of the producers around the world you are giving high fives to at the moment?

“Hmm…hard to choose. I like Ummet Ozcan, W&W, GTA, Jorn van Deynhoven, Armin van Buuren and a few more. I respect all colleagues for their creativity. There are so many awesome talents out there.”

What can you tell us about the two possible albums you are working on – the DJ intro record and the album especially for Germany?

“It’s really easy to explain; the DJ intro album will contain all intros that I did for the Technoclub compilations since Vol. 20. I often get emails asking about the availability of those nice intros, so I thought it was good to have them released for fans and other DJs. The other album is my best of Millenium. It was released in the USA already, so I will make a special version for Europe including newer tracks which haven´t been on the US cd.”

What are the big summer festivals you are looking forward to?

“I think you will have to ask my booking agency Dancefield for that Dan as they haven´t told me yet where I’m playing!”

Wow, that is some trust going on Talla!

“Heh heh. Well I will probably go to the US with Ferry Tayle and I will take some days off for a holiday because of all the work in the past few months.”

How do you ‘switch off’ after the weekend? How do you like to chill out?

“You won´t believe it, I love my couch and I am a huge US TV show addict. I watch everything from Breaking Bad, Game of Thrones to Big Bang Theory. That’s my way to chill after a long weekend. I ride a lot with my bicycle and I like to swim in summer time.”

Who is the person who has influenced you the most in life?

Of course my belief in God. That helped me when I have had downs. Life is not always happy. And the music scene is a shark tank…too much politics and dissing.”

What is the song that means the most to you?

My track ‘Shine’ which I did with Ace da Brain. It’s one of the most emotional trancers I ever did and in my eyes sadly the most underrated track. If Armin or Tiesto had released it, it would have been a worldwide hit….”

Proudest moment of your career to date?

“When I was awarded with the Medal of Honour by the Mayor of my hometown Frankfurt am Main. I was the first DJ/musician who got that medal which is usually only given to politicians, bank bosses or professors. There was more than 100 invited guests and it was all on TV in the hall where kings have been crowned – that Dan was a once in lifetime moment.”

What is the event that altered the course of your life…?

“When I heard Kraftwerk – ‘Trance Europe Express’ for the first time, that changed my life forever.”

What is the temptation you wish you could resist?

“Fast food. I love and hate that shit! lol…”

Best club night of 2013?

“My Trancefusion gig in Prague, the floor was half full and no vibe when I started and totally packed and everyone’s arms up in the air when I finished…these moments tell me that I am doing the right thing.”

And finally, what is the next release you are working on in the mighty Talla 2XLC studio…?

“I am working on a new track with 2 Swiss DJs which will be released on my Tetsuo label and we will do a special tour through Switzerland.”